Is that your final decision?

Hi guys i just wanted to let you all know that i have made a very big decision today i am going to start my backpacking travel around Europe on the 25th October there are reasons why it's so late but i will explain everything.  

October you ask why so late well the answer to that is i have to save up a decent amount of money and there's nobody birthday after that till my own in December.
My  husband's birthday is 23rd October and my mothers is the 24th October so i decided to go the day after on the 25th October.

Here is a little about were i am going and what i will be taking
Well for starters i have been part of this thing called couch surfing its were people put you up for a couple of nights you have a good laugh and meet new people (this is free).
Another site i recently joined is airbnb you can rent people's spare room for a while and live with new people (this is not free).

You can also check out here in a few of my previous posts when i talked about traveling
And always a bit of advice and help for those other who want to travel as well

But i am gunner go on rattling on about it because i feel the importance of getting your Independence and being free as a bird.

So here is a run down roughly of the journey ill start at France go visit some place i used to visit when i lived there in the south of France, then ill be moving on to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany now i have always wanted to go here so i plan on taking my time with Germany plus i want to see if my fave band of all time are playing there at all Rammstein.
Then ill head off to Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia then head on down to Italy were i will be eating loads and sight seeing pasta and pizza baby!
Right this next big jump across the map might seem weird to you but it's the route i have planned out for me I go from Italy to Cyprus.
The from Cyprus to Greece then Bulgaria, Romania, Hungry, Slovakia then Poland.
Poland is were i will be spending a few days just to sight see and rest while checking out the amazing food and party life they have to offer.
Then i will head on to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
Finland, Sweden is were i will be chilling doing loads of sight seeing and hope fully catching another great band playing Nightwish.

This is Just a rough idea of were i am going but there are still other countries i will be going to that are not on the list:

Visa's: If anyone is looking for visa's but getting now were or does not understand all the crap they try to pass off as an explanation well here's a site i found very helpful and clear to understand you cant print all the documents off you need just by clicking a few buttons and no fuss.

Wish me luck people! 
I want to hear your travel stories if you have any

Love always

My Addiction....

Right everyone there is some thing you really need to know about me i have a seriouse addiction to..........Peanut m & m's!!!
Its destroying my life i cant go a day with out them and my teeth hurt so much i have them every were i just cant escape them so i have to secumb to there tasty charms!..........
The scary part is that i have just tiered my room and found 17 bags of peanut m & m's under my bed and 4 opened half eaten bags on my desk! 
This is a very serious problem!!
Now i have to eat them..........

A trip to the dentist might be in order soon
Hope you all have a good day.
Whats you addiction?


Big Reads This Week

Hiya!! Everybody 
Just wanted to let you know what i was reading this week. The reason why is because i like to share things and people might like the same things as me. 
I'M the type of person who reads loads of books at the same time and still remembers what story line goes with what book.
I like to keep my mind busy ever when i am reading challenge it with different stories.

Can you do that or are you a one book type of person??

I love books! i buy most of mine from green metropolis and i sell them there
 as well every now and then.

Here is my reads:
He is an arrogant worldly entrepreneur who always gets what he wants.
And what he wants is for Genevieve to spend the next ninety days submitting 
to his desire...... 

Catherine M is the autobiography of a well known Parsian art critic who likes to spend night in the singles clubs of Paris and in the Bois de Boulogne where she has sex with a succession of anonymous men.

Once when all travel was unimaginably difficult and the world was remained uncharted, 
anything was possible. 

From the private papers of Beethoven and Lord Byron to those of 
Napoleon Bonaparte and Horatio Nelson, 
Love Letter Of Great Men collects together some of the most romantic letters in history.

We all now this book! But i have to admit i cant really get 
into it at all but i will keep trying.

The most romantic book i have ever read one of my fave's read it a thousand time but it goes everywhere with me.
Test me.....Try me.....Taste me.....

Just started this book but i don't know yet.
The killing wont stop till someone has paid the price!!

What are you reading this week???
can you recommended any for me to read???

Happy reading :)

Dance as if no one is watching

Ok this morning was so weird i practically jumped out of bed 
put on some jazzy OLD tunes then


Shaking my booty, dancing on the bed, falling off the bed, 
click on the videos to watch them. Enjoy.

All good fun tho


Dr Marten's Check These Out!!!

All my fave foot wear (i think i have most of these boots now)
Do you have any???

Have a nice day

Festival's/ Gig's/ Concert Outfit's

Outfits for festivals/ gig's/ concerts ill keep you posted with everything i choose to wear over the next couple of months and more x
(Sorry for the bad photo's)

Hope you all have an amazing festivals season. 
What will you be wearing??

DIY: Beetle Juice Dress FINISHED..

Ok so this has took me like nealy 8 months to finish if you have been following me them you will know i have had some seriouse issues with the project but tonight I HAVE FINALY FINISHED...I HAVE CONQUED THE WORLD NOW.

Now if finally finished (and i am very happy)
Keep in mind that the day i wear this i will have a pair of black hot pants/ shorts under neath it so my dignity will be in tact and ill be taking a pair of jeans just in case.

This is my denim waitcoat i made not too sure if it goes with the outfit what do you think?

Have a nice day

DIY: Fur Coat (FAKE) Underconstruction

For a while now i have been working on making my own fur coat (before anyone goes mad it is synthetic fur so it is FAKE!!!)
Here is what it looks like today I'm hoping to finish it tonight because i bought the soft lining for it today so i can wear.

Nealy finished in just sewing the nice fleece inner

have a nice day

Ladybird make up

I was playing around with make up as you do and this is what i cam up with.

My little ladybird


DIY: Flowers

I love flowers!
But... i hate it when they die, so i have made some flowers that look great on my desk now and best of all (they wont die)

What i used (i replaced the spray glue with pva glue)

Have a nice day