Fire Destroys Phoenix Theatre

A massive fire has destroyed a theatre and studio complex in East Sussex.
The blaze ripped through the Phoenix Theatre and Studio building on North Street in Lewes on Saturday evening. The fire service received 23 calls from members of the public who spotted the blaze when it broke out at just after 18:00 GMT.
Mr Sunderland said artists had lost their "entire life's work" in the studios upstairs.
"It's really heart-breaking for them," he said. "People were down here sobbing their eyes out this morning "It's a big tragedy for the whole community."
The fire was brought under control at 21:15, but there has been enormous damage to the building. Nobody was injured, a fire service spokesman said.
He added: "This particular incident had the potential of being quite disastrous".
"Thankfully the occupiers identified the fire early and we managed to make an intervention which, although there's significant damage to the building, we stopped the fire from spreading to adjacent areas."

This is such a shame for the people and the town I hope some way the can rebuild it or replace it with a new building. What are your thoughts on this?

Big arse book haul today

Anglo Saxon chronicles £2.84
Long walk to freedom - Nelson Mandela £2.84
The Silmarillion - J R R Tolkien £2.84
A Brave New World - Aldous Huxley £2.84
Harlan Coban Collection 11 books set pack £2.84
A Game of Thrones, song of ice and fire - George R R Martin £2.84
Free postage on everything, bought them all from Ebay.
Also got 5% discount for spending over £15
Also from Ebay but from another buyer
Nefertiti - Michelle Morgan 99p
Postage £1.20
The Children of Hurin - J R R Tolkien 99p
Postage £1.90
Have you had any big book buys lately?
What book would you recommend for me to read.

Magic is in your heart

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

The Fight For Libraries

 These are the things that have destroyed libraries over the years and now its happening again the government are not funding libraries anymore and loads of them are closing at an astonishing rate we need these libraries for our education, the younger generation and the most important to keep our dreams alive!

Once we have lost our dreams we are no longer free.


Why don't you:

Why don´t you:

  do more "Kitchen-Dinners"?
Not the latest newest thing to do, but always great fun and not too difficult to organise. Just make sure, that the kitchen does not look like a battlefield and that there is enough space for everybody to sit comfortably.
The big advantage: the poor cook does not have to slave away alone, but can enjoy the talk while carving the chicken...

  do more "Music at Home"?
Just invite some good friends over, open a bottle of wine and get copies of songs all of you now and off you go. If you have a piano and one friends who knows to play it, even better. Great fun and after an initial shyness the most entertaining evening you will have passed in months, loads of laughter and fun guaranteed...

  do more "Little Travels"?
Even just a day away from your ordinary day to day life is refreshing. Going to Paris for lunch with a friend sounds complicated, but is not the end of the world: Just jump in the train and here you go or to London for buying some tea and having a sip with another friend over there? If you plan well ahead tickets are affordable and the excitement of being alive and seeing the world gets you going for another 2 months in the daily treadmill. If you can stay overnight by all means do: it is a real break and feels much longer than only 24 hours. Proof that time is definitively "relative"...

  do more "Tea Parties"?
Even less work than a kitchen dinner, it is the ideal way of spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in the company of good friends. The advantages are several: not only is the time frame generally a shorter one than for a dinner, food preparations are minimal, as you in the last of all events can rush out and buy some cake, toast and butter. Really good quality tea in huge quantities for the adults make a feast for every one without the stress of formal entertaining with a 8 course dinner. Highly recommended also for inviting new acquaintances - just the right thing to decide whether you will be friends or stay better on a more formal footing...

  do more "Operas and Concerts"?
Get some friends together and organise between yourselves the concerts and operas you would like to see. This is a good incentive to go out to hear good music and do it in good company. Much more fun, than sitting in your pyjamas alone at home with a CD or, even worse, alone through a Wagner Opera, without anybody to comment on the horrible soprano or share with you the  desperate Glass of bubble in the interval...

Sailor famous for iconic kiss dies at 86 R.I.P

The man made famous as the US Navy sailor whose kiss and clinch with a nurse in New York's Times Square celebrated the end of World War Two has died at the age of 86. Glenn McDuffie, who was 18 when the iconic photograph was taken, passed away at a nursing home in Dallas, Texas. Alfred Eisenstaedt's pic is one of the 20th century's iconic images.

Lord Of The Rings Marathon

Today I did a Lord Of The Rings Film Marathon When I started I was very awake when I finished I felt very emotional and slightly suicidal like I had just lost something that was very important. (I did a whole bloody day) I started about one in the afternoon and finished at about 11 at night but I am glad I did it.



Writers Day In Cambridge - April 12th

Hi everyone on April 12th I will be going to a Writer's Day in Cambridge (Excited)
I have just made this little post in case there is a few other people who would be interested in going along them self's. All links are available.
The man to get in touch with is Andrew Chamberlain
His website if you want to check out the even 
About the Author:
Andrew J Chamberlain is a novelist, co-author and writing tutor. His passion is to entertain and inspire readers with the power of story.

His commercially published works include three ghostwriting projects: 'A night out with the boys' (2007) 'Once an Addict?' (2007) and 'Conquering the Dragon' (2008); all through Authentic Media. Since its publication 'Once an Addict?' has sold 100k copies.

We're going to have a great time, and the Writers' Essentials team and I will have lots to share with everyone about the craft of writing, the world of publishing, and what you need to know to make the best of self-publishing your work.

Looking forward to meeting you on the 12th April!
Andy Chamberlain

Beards, Do they do it for you?

It does for me, I love it when a guy has a stubble as long as it is groomed and kept in check.
Richard Armitage now that's a man who can rock a beard, SEXY!
Do any men in your family have beards? What do you think of them?



He can when he tries

This is my other half I made him put on his smart clothes and attempt to smile so I could blog for you all, He is going on his manager course don't he look smart.
He generally lives in hoodies and jeans so it's nice to see him all dressed up.

She's like the wind

This woman is radiant she really is her fashion style is amazing a woman of many colours and a smile that can stop a million men.

My Old Grandad

When ever i have ever needed advice i always went to my good old grandad (the most amazing man ever) he always new the right words to say and made you laugh.
Today i woke up with a very heavy troubled heart because i need his advice and i bit of his guidence but most of all i just wanted a hug (do not cry your in the library).

I was thinking to myself what would grandad say then i just burst out laughing because i know exsacly what he would say here's is a few life lessons for you all from my grandad
(My grandad died on 5th May of lung cancer, 2 years this May)

Grandad's Life Lessons

1: Always wear matching underwear in case you get hit by a bus or get lucky.
2: Play the air guitar in your underwear and make this your big rockstar moment.
3: Never give up.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen 3 life lesson to live by and hopefully we will be all OK but i could still do with that hug tho.

Nanna and grandad with all the grand kids and great grand kids

My hero my best friend

Them shoes in that colour ....

Over the years I did always wonder why people always said "Them shoes with that outfit na" until the other day I had a massive colour clash with me outfit and shoes, I realised they just didn't go but by the time I noticed it was way to late so I had to revert back to my good old flats and my feet got soaked not a good luck and I felt crap all day.
So here's to you ladies who are like me with bad fashion sense and awful colour co - ordination (raises my glass) I salute you (big kisses)
Coloured shoes:
Red goes with: pink, orange, black, blue, neutrals, navy blue
(red on red is over kill)
Green goes with: brown, black, blue, neutrals, yellow
Blue goes with: yellow, neutrals, brown, white.
Yellow goes with: Any shade of blue, black, white, green
Orange goes with: blue, white, earth tones, red, yellow.
Metallic goes with: Sliver - white, red, purple, neutrals, indigo, black.
Gold - black, white, royal blue, burgundy.
Purple goes with: Neutrals, navy, pink, green.

Remember ladies fashion and dressing your self has no rules, no limits so if you want to go for it
PUT IT ON AND ROCK IT (that's an order)