Music Moods

Here's some music i have been listening to lately

MIA for a while

Alright guys i am gunner be going MIA for a while.

We are having the internet and the phone turned off so we can pay for other bills and save for the deposit for the new house, See you all soon. 
I get one free hour at the library everyday but i am not sure that's enough time to post any thing exciting but please stay tuned there will be loads of DIY's going down!!!!


ps i will leave you some funny/cute pictures of my dogs x

Just a quick THANK YOU

This post is just a quick Shout out to my faithful followers new and old. 

When i created me blog 3 years ago i didn't know what the hell i was doing, didn't have a clue how it all worked! 
I made the blog because i wanted some where to store my DIY projects. Then i started adding every days things, my books, i have learned about widgets and advertising, the best part of it tho is having some one who is interested in your blog enough to follow it, when i got my first stranger follower i was so proud with my self (i know its not all about followers but it brightens your day when you get a new one who is interested) 

So i just wanted to say from my little red heart that i really appreciate you all following me and supporting me, i am very proud of my blog.


How to read all day!

Always have a book with you.
Read while waiting. 
Read while eating. 
Read while exercising. 
Read before bed.
Read before getting out of bed.
Read instead of updating FB.
Read instead of watching TV.
Read instead of vacuuming.
Read while vacuuming. 
Read with a book group.
Read with your kid. 
Read with your cat. 
Read to your dog. 
Read on a schedule.
Always have a book with you.