DIY: Time Capsule

Let me explain in more detail in 2014 i plan on a 
ROAD TRIP AROUND AMERICA (one state at a time), this time capsule tin is my saving's tin i don't trust banks as they always want money from you some way or another. I write little notes about how i feel or what i want on post it notes then post them in the box and not to be opened till the first day of my trip to America. I will be able to see how i felt and what got me down when i open the tin also i will see what i can change to make things better and see how much money i plan on saving, i have glued the top of the tin on so if anyone tries to steal you will be able to hear it coz they wont get into it with out a fight.
Oh and it was made from a sweet tin inside there was really old sweets like black jacks, fruit salads, sherbet dip and marsh mellows.

Time Capsule not to be opened till 2014.

DIY: Keep Sake Box

What you need:
shoe box (my new shoes came today)
old maps/ new paper/ decorative paper

How to:
1: Measure the end wall the cut the paper to the right size, do this with all sides of the box
2: Smother one section with glue then add the paper, then do the same with another section till the box is all covered
3: With the overlapping bits i stuck them down with seller tape because i new glue wouldn't hold, i went round the box and seller taped the connecting parts of the paper for more strength.
4: Let it dry for 24 hours

If it don't fit in my keep sake box the it aint important and it wont be coming 
with me when i move.
New year new memories.

I didn't think i could love so hard

Since i got this little man we have just grown stronger and stronger together i think it's about time i told you all our story. 
Back in the days i had lost my job due to the place i was working hired foreign workers and got rid of the English workers (i am not being nasty here but it did happen), i got very depressed and was spiraling down a dark hole i didn't want to eat of even get out of bed i got so ill, my husband at the time took me out for the day to the Cheshire dogs home link here i wasn't really interested in getting a dog i could barely look after myself but walking round i see a dog cowering in the corner he was a cavalier king Charles he looked petrified and scared out of his whits i bent down to the cage then all of a sudden this hug dog came at me and started barking like crazy.
We asked the woman if we could have a look at the king Charles she brought him out and he sat with me on the floor just leaning against me i new right then i was not leaving without him and he new it to, i think.
Getting him was a pain in the arse it was my husbands pay day so we new we had some money but none of the bank cards where working so we had to go back into town withdraw the money out then back to the dog's home where hopefully he still was.
We paid £100 for him because he is a full pedigree dog but the dogs home burned his papers. I spoiled him rotten got a him a giant bowls and toys and chew sticks he lives like a king.
Over time we noticed he wasn't so good with other dogs and when it came to humans he was literally a ankle biter, he had good manners.
You see he saved me and i saved him, he gets my up and out, he has me running across fields with him no matter what the weather, we run across beaches i get wet sloppy kisses in the morning, he has leaned where the biscuit tin is. Recently we got him neutered and he has put on so much weight we are going to be doing more running i think, he farts and snores like a trooper he eats everything in sight and gets under you feet but i wouldn't have him and other way. This year i am working on getting a passport for him so i can take him travelling with me last time i went it was murder for me not having him around, Here's a few cheeky moments since i got him. I have had him for 3 year i think now.

Memories of 2012

I bought  my bike with the basket

i went to the cock rock festival

My dog got neutered

i went to Manchester tattoo convention

My grandad died

I got my tattoo in memory of my grandad

i traveled to Montpelier

I got  a tattoo on my fingers

I turned 25 years old

 I traveled to Catalonia, Girona, Spain

I got made redundant 
Started buying more shoes (thats not a good thin when you in my finantial situation)
I found the perfect make up routine
i got 3 tattoos
i bought 5 pairs of shoes
 made 1 pair of shoes
i took a liking to clothes more
my jewelry collection has doubled
I actually wear a watch
I am getting a book published in 2013.