Book: The Executioners Song

The Executioners Song
By Norman Mailer

OK so I have been on This book for a while now and its driving me crazy it doesn't make sense.
I'm 230 pages in and he has only just killed someone.... And it's killing me with boardem. I was so excited about this book I really was but God the details are horrendous they go all the way back to the cousins daughters nephews brother...... I'm going to give it some more time then move on to another one then come back to it, I believe every now and then you need a break from a book that has 1060 pages in.

Have you read it?
What's your thoughts?

With a little help from my friends

Hi everyone in October its my mam big 50 and I want to take her away, I mean abroad..... Here's the trouble I have 😕

She has never been abroad
She doesn't like leaving home comfort's
Doesn't know any foreign languages
Hates foreign food
Scared of just about everything

Does any of you have any ideas at all?
Please help
Or hang me!!!!!

Dress For Idea's

 Over the past couple of months i have been having the idea from a recent country and western festival i went to to make my own outfit kinda like a saloon girl outfit here's a few i have been looking at and taking ideas from.

Saying of the day

We are not all born at once, but by bits. The body first, and the spirit later... 
Our mothers are racked with the pains of our physical birth; 
we ourselves suffer the longer pains of our spiritual growth.

Moonshine Festival

Over the bank holiday my amazing man invited me to a festival he goes to quiet often and I loved it the people are amazing and so welcoming the music is just sensational and they all dress up in the authentic clothing (the ladies look sensational that will be another post).