DIY: Dip t-shirt

Ok so my first attempt was a very bad fail. 
So i called it my "2nd Dip Post" here a picture's of it.

This was my second attempt. I dropped the t-shirt in the sink and had to dye it all (my fault)

As you can see i put stronger dye at the bottom  then added more water 
to finish dipping the whole thing, i'm not a lover of pink but i quiet like this.

Post pic when it dries 

Tie dyeing Instruction and tips

Well lately i have been getting into tie dyeing a lot most of my clothes now are tie dye'd so i thought you all might want to try it out you can give clothes amazing new look's and your very own unique mark. Here's some ideas some of them are mine and some i got off the internet.

This is what i call the fan fold

The lizard tie

The chunky hoops

This is some instruction on the best ways to dip dye clothing

I call this one the tight twist

Hope oyu get some idea's from this these are what helps me when i am dyeing clothes.


Sale_Sale_Sale gotta love them

Lately i have been really saving because i want to go back packing around Europe.
I have stopped drinking and going out, i have stopped smoking, i don't buy anything 
unless i have ran out of it and really need it.
But the other day i went to the Trafford Center and the Cockrock Festival so
 i did spend some money but everything 
i bought was in the sale so i didn't think that was bad! 
Here's what i bought with prices and mark downs.

These are my new walking boots i bought for going back packing they were marked at £80 
but i got them for £24.99. I thought that was great.

These 3 sets of earring's were buy one get 2 free the buy one was £3.99.
The skull earring and ring was £2.99 from H & M

These a bought when i went to the Cockrock festival for £3 out of the vintage tent.
This the lady i got them from Fran she is amazing and very welcoming person
Here's the link if you love all things vintage Goodbye, Norma Jean

I also got this off Fran £1 its made with old scrabble letters.

This is my fave my denim summer dress it was marked at £14 but when i took it to the till it 
went threw at £7 so i wasn't  complaining.

I love book's I really do!
Its one of my bad habit's i collect them like people collects stamps! Obsessed...
these weren't esacly in the sale but they were cheap the most expensive 
one was £6 but the rest were below that.

30 seconds to mars CD £5 from HMV sale box

This i got from Ebay for 99p

I got these from Ebay also you get x100 for 99p

I don't think i did to bad? What do you think....I was very proud of my sale 
items and i resisted from blowing everything the Trafford Center can 
be a very tempting place.


Drink your self slim (Apparently)

Ok so i was reading this magazine FABULOUS and i came across this piece called Drink your self slim i have never bee one for dieting i never stick to them and i hate the word DIET!
But this looks like something i could really work with they have really helpful websites and recipes so for the next couple of weeks i will be trying it ill keep you up dated with everything i eat and drink.

Here is some if your interested in joining me.

You want to.....Slim down:
 Summer slimmer
Swap your you breakfast for a summer slimmer for a week and you should see 
the results immediately.
Method: Put the apple in the juicer chute followed by the other ingredience juice
 the lot and pour over ice.
You'll need: 1 pink lady apple
1/4 medium cucumber
1 stick of celery
3cm piece fresh root ginger
1/2 lime
1 hand full of ice cubes

You want to....De-stress
summertime blues
brain boosting berries will help combat anxiety and depression. 
plus they will blast away fat.
Method: peel the oranges, leaving on the pith, which aids digestion. put the orange in the juicer chute, juice on the slowest setting, pack in the berries and the other orange, the juice again, pour over ice.
You'll need: 2 Oranges - peeled
2 handfuls of blueberries
1 handful of black berries
1 handful of ice cubes

You want to....Fight a cold
Bitter sweet sunshine
if summer cold or hay fever are getting you down, this tropical cocktail will 
attack the sniffles. 
You'll need: 1-2 pink grapefruits - peeled
1-2 pineapples - peeled
300ml San Pellegrino sparkling water
1 handful of ice cubes

You want to.....Tone up
Get Ripped
if your'e working out to look you best for the beach, then make this juice just before and after training to maximize results.
Method: put one apple in first (with skin on and core). Place all of the other ingredience in to the juicer chute and then use the other apple to pack everything in tight. juice everything on the highest setting and pour over ice.
You'll need:  2 golden delicious apples
1 stick of celery
1/4 medium cucumber
1 small handful of spinach
1 small handful of kale
small handful of ice cubes


Wanted: 3 Million Item's Of Clothing

Uniqlo men's and woman's clothing

Original Source here Green Issues

Found out via a friend that Uniqlo in Singapore is collecting used Uniqlo clothes!  All the items will be donated to refugee camps and other locations around the world.  Check out the link's above for more details.

Clothing idea's

Clothing that gave me idea today thought i would share with you all

My day at the Trafford Center.

Hey everyone well nothing really exciting has happened i just went to the Trafford Center here what i found you might like

It was a nice sunny day (even tho it don't look like it) i work my new shoes.

What did you do at the weekend?