An interview with Kay Brady

My interview with a up and coming clothing designer Kay Brady.

Kay and her team are based in Cheshire.
Q: How would you define your style?
A: Colourful, adventurous always mixing colours and textures, designs

Q: Which is the most difficult part of the design?
A: Thinking up something no one has designed before, you don't want to copy anyone you want to be unique.

Q: Who or what is your main source of inspiration.
A: I am inspired by life and how it evolves and all the time and people there very exciting.
I people watch a lot.

Q: What part of your work do you enjoy the most?
A: getting my hands on the fabric and just making something without a design or a drawing, then seeing that item in the spotlight.

Q: Who is your icon of style and good taste?
A: Vivian West wood she is a goddess
Cindi Louper another goddess lady to look to for style.

Q: What are you plans for the future?
A: I want to establish myself more as a clothing designer
Move to a bigger work place so my and my team can work together
Milan....New York....London..??!! Hahahahaha

DIY: Leather Zip Skirt

This leather skirt took a while i made it way too big over measured the size of my butt!!

How to:
1: measure around you waist
2: cut the fabric to shape and size, leave a inch extra for hemming, sew it together and pin and sew the zip in place 
3: put small pleats in the skirt pin them together
4: Fold over the top of the skirt and pin in place then sew

I placed my zip full length in the back.
Leather is a hard fabric to use if you get it wrong you are stuffed there no changing it.
Word of warning to whoever is using it, it smells nasty and gives you a headache so be in a well vented room.

Fashion and clothing books

Hi guys over the past couple of days i have bought a few books on clothing and about the fashion industry altho i know quiet a bit there is always pleanty more to learn. Heres the book i have bought.

I got this off Ebay for £11.48 also postage was free and i saved £6.34 Bargain
I got this off Ebay aswell for 99p plus £2 postage another great bargain

DIY: Skirt With A long Netting

With some left over fabric and i lot of boredom i made this amazing skirt with a floaty bit at the back.

How to:
1: I doubled the fabric for the skirt up
2: hem and sew all the edges for the floaty bit
3: Attach the floaty bit to the skirt, pin then sew together

All the while some little baby of mine crept on my bed!!!

Where can i find these?

Do you know where i can get shoes like these?
I have searched Ebay but nothing any ideas my fellow bloggers?

Chest tattoos

What do you guys think about tattoo's?
Chest tattoos?
Mines booked for wednesday at 5pm

DIY: Adding elastic

When i bought this top it was a bit tight but i loved it and it was in the sale for £5

How to:
1: i cut out 1 inch from the back
2: sized up the length of elastic
3: pined it all together then sewed it.

It fits under my white netted jumper now like a dream

Interview with Simon Fielder on Fashion

My interview with Simon Fielder

Photographer/ Videographer for Take A Pebble Productions.

Q1: Your job works closely with fashion and clothing have you learned much?
A: I actually have not had a fashion shoot yet, but i know models who do.

Q2: As a man do you follow fashion?
A: I tend to grab a bit here and there and put it together.

Q3: What do you think of ladies fashion these days?
A: Shocking, How they all have this unrealistic picture of what a woman is.

Q4: Do you have any fave designers?
A: Not really. Katy Perry's designer is awesome i did know his name but i forgot.

Q5: What do you think of celebs promoting there fashion threw the high streets saying there "making it affordable for the poor people"?
A: I see husky celebs doing that so it's kinda annoying.
ME: Would you like to explain more?
SIMON: Its frustrating, the guys who put out the look are skinny or muscular and i ain't either so they don't fit.

Q6: What would you like to see happen in the world of fashion for the future?
A: More realistic fashion designs, Something for all not just the skinny guy and girls.

One last question....
Q7: What's you personal fashion?
A: Kinda like a peacock, full of colour but hidden beneath a ray of black.

Thank you Simon for doing this short interview with me threw Facebook, very much appreciated.


DIY: X3 POSTS - Basic

I am a larger lady and i got big thighs and in the hotter months they do have a tendency to rub slightly which is not very comfy (don't say loose weight i am happy the way i am) anyway i have found a way to stop that and wear my fave summer dresses, cut long leggings down.
How to:
1: put them on, mark where you want them to be cut
2: cut them and if you want hem them
3: There you have thigh protectors and shorts.

DIY 2: Removing a few ruffles - skirt
I got this skirt off Ebay it was great during the winter months and i wore it a lot but now its dated i think so i changed it a bit.
How to:
 1: I put it on, marked where i wanted to cut
 2: put it on the mannequin and cut away.
(In the pictures it look shorter than it is)

Sorry it wont let me add the picture of the original skirt

DIY: 3 Jean shorts

How to:
1: put them on inside out
2: mark where they are to be cut (i made mine a little longer taking them all the way to the knee)
3: Hem and cut
These are just a pair of shorts i made from a pair of really pink jeans which where great at one point but i think i wore them too much 

The new misses

Cost me £40 from the second hand shop. Now what to name her


Old and new DIY's finished

DIY: Dungarees from long to short

Sorry i can upload the original picture of the dungarees just imagine really long legs (nasty)

Stay tuned i and doing a post soon "Dungarees 3 ways to wear them"

Here is something that might cheer you up 

DIY: Black and pink denim waistcoat