Argo (Book Review)

On Nov. 4, 1979, militants storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, taking 66 American hostages. Amid the chaos, six Americans manage to slip away and find refuge with the Canadian ambassador. Knowing that it's just a matter of time before the refugees are found and likely executed, the U.S. government calls on extractor Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) to rescue them. Mendez's plan is to pose as a Hollywood producer scouting locations in Iran and train the refugees to act as his "film" crew.
My personal opinion is: this book is good but they go threw every tiny little detail and it drags if you can get threw that then the book is good. 

In the name of the king. (Film Review)

A dungeon siege tale
As war looms in an idyllic kingdom, a man named Farmer (Jason Statham) begins a heroic quest to find his kidnapped wife (Claire Forlani) and avenge their son, who was murdered by horrible warriors called Krugs. Meanwhile, villainous Gallian (Ray Liotta) sends his evil army to overthrow the rightful king (Burt Reynolds) and steal the throne.
My personal opinion is this film is awful. It is so not a Jason film in fact the whole film is embarrassing really fake acting. Even pearl was awful in it which was shocking because he is a great actor. I just found the film cheesy comedy.

Beatrix Potter

Over the weekend I have been recovering from surgery and the internet was down so all I had was the telly (not my first choice) anyway I wanted to watch a few films so I decided on watching a good old fairy tale the one I choose was great Beatrix Potter.
My old time favourite I just love that woman being a lakes girl myself I think she did wonders for the country side it's because of her we have a one.

When I saw the film Miss Potter I just had to have it and watch it also it has some amazing actors in it Ewan McGregor, Renee Zellweger. Although the film was great and heart breaking (I cried when Norman died) it really showed you a woman despite her ravishing life and wanting for nothing she was not afraid to get her hands dirty when called for also she was a very loving and caring woman with people and animals.

A Different Kind

Well my week off was a bit different than planned trust me on that one.
As you all know my plan was to spend my week off work in Ireland, Dublin but it never happened what did happen though was I spent a week in pure agony in hospital then I had a operation as a emergency because the infection was really bad now I am at home recovering with a extra week off work and having my bandages changed everyday.

Recover face fresh out of hospital.

I have to say the NHS are awful if you can afford to go private do it.
I just want to say thank you to a few nurses at Leighton Hospital and the Community Nurse and my Husband he's done a lot. 😀

Dress Me Up!

Hi there ladies and gents sorry I have been inactive for a bit I have been planning my trip to Ireland and working extra hard to pay for it, there will be a lot of posts and pictures coming soon but right now I want you to dress this item of clothing up.
I got this dress from which is my go to site for everything these days, the dress is a little see threw so I will be wearing a black under dress but how else would you dress it up.
There's a few of my own styles at the bottom.

1: Black boots with a leather jacket, heavy make up (rock chick)
2: Strappy basic heels, black fitted jacket, neutral make up (casual day look)

From Me To You She Said

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
Mr Selfridges by Lindy Woodhead
Geisha by Lesley Downer
The Bees by Laune Paul
Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes
A friend at work gave me all these books the other day I am very excited to start reading them.

Feeling The Grind

I am 27 years old 28 this year (feeling old) and I have done nothing in my life. 
I got married far to young now I am stuck in the grind of life working two jobs with a family who does not want to know me because I have not had children in the 8years of marriage a husband who had a affair that ended with a child and he expects me to be OK with it all the while dreaming of becoming a Director one day. 
I was so happy when I got my passport and drivers licence when I was younger I felt I had the world.
Every idea I have for a film gets written down like a story I have loads their just in a folder waiting for the brave me to come along say 'Fuck It' but when the husband keeps reminding me I have bills to pay and no money to waist then the folder will stay closed and the impulsive 'Fuck It' will have to wait. 
Don't feel sorry for me I keep myself in this hell hole because I am scared if I leave I will loose everything again mainly money and my dog. 
Thanks for letting me ramble I don't get the chance very often well not where the husband doesn't see it anyway. 
Sorry just having a whine I like to do that every now and then one day I will fix the problem but it's not today.

Ireland from the 18th till the 23rd I cant fucking wait solo travel is amazing.

A bit of Thelma and Louise

Hi every one well first off this post is gunner be full-ish of things To Do,
Join and Enjoy.
If you are brave enough to face the weather in this crazy country we call the UK and swim outside then this website is for you. It has destination all over the world not just the UK in the warmer months I will be there swimming away. Be brave people the water will be cold and Be Wild
(Just for the ladies sorry) Now for all you independent, self driven, motivated, strong, I love to travel ladies out their this website will be for you, you can plan trips, meet people at your destination, arrange meet ups in different countries but its only for the ladies. check it out I have already joined.
Now for all you people out their who dare to go naked this might be for you life models for nude drawing, sculpturing, painting. There's many different things you could try why not have a look I myself am tempted.

Never too many clothes, Shoes and Books

My hubs always tells me I have far too many clothes, shoes and books so you know what I do I go buy more. I am terrible online shopping is the best and the worse thing ever its all just a click away and that's not good. I have all these amazing clothes and shoes but not enough occasions to wear them which is a shame. So I am proposing who wants to go for dinner with me? Nothing funny just friends (I am married lol) I think its a great way to make new friends I am based in Cheshire near Manchester so if you are interested just let me know, leave a comment.
For now tho I am going to leave you with my crazy shopping bargain spree items.
£28 from SimplyBe
£7 Sale New Look
£8 Matalan Sale
£11 Matalan Sale
£8 Local Market
£7 Dorothy Perkins
£3 Dorothy Prekins
every now and then I do go shopping for girly things
Here's a lovely picture of my babies for you all to cheer you up where ever you are in the world.

Date Night With The Hubster

As all you married ladies know you never have enough time to spend with the hubs either the kids take all your time or your working all hours there's just never enough time, I am guilty there I am one of them, me and the hubs have been working non stop we only get too see each other in passing I am leaving for work he's coming home and vice versa he has been to a conference near London this weekend and has 2 more days off so we decided to go out have a meal watch a film at the Trafford Centre.
The film was good (The second best marigold hotel) then we went for Pesto (my fave)
I made an effort got a bit dressed up and wore heels, we have been married for 5 years now our anniversary was on the 20th February we have been together for 8 years they have been far from easy but a date night every now and then is good.
I wore my pink blazer I bought from - Boohoo
 3/4 length jeans - DIY
DIY off the shoulder jumper - Link
Gladiator heels - Ebay


Waterstones Haul

This is all the books I have bought in February and march oh my lord that is a lot of books!
At Waterstones there is loads of classics for 80p, I got 10!
We all love a good Thelma and Louise,

Natural Collection Cosmetics

Natural Collection Cosmetics they have been my favourite for a while now, yes they are cheap but they are still great quality.
Their affordable and that's what people want these days.
I don't wear a lot of make up but when I do I only wear mascara and lip stick/ lip gloss I so choose Black Mascara (water proof) and a new lippy called Crimson (moisture/ shine).
The thing that stood out for me was the lip stick lasted even after I ate and drank and the mascara works wonders when it been raining (we have really bad weather here in Manchester).
When I put the lippy on at home I felt like I was ready for the next bond movie.
 007 eat your heart out.

(Natural Collection Cosmetics have not asked me to do a review,
This is just my views on the items)

Everything has a silver lining.

Tell me all you fashion bloggers and everyone else how would dress these up. 
I would pair it with a classic black dress.
Blazer, boyfriend jeans, baseball cap.
How would you dress it up? 👠

March's Lady Boner: Ewan McGregor

I have always been a great fan of Ewan McGregor he has just always been amazing to me

Ewan Gordon McGregor born on March 31, 1971 in Crieff, Scotland, His uncle is actor Denis Lawson. At age 16, he left Crieff and Morrison Academy to join the Perth Repertory Theatre. McGregor studied drama for a year at Kirkcaldly in Fife, then enrolled at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama for a three-year course. He studied alongside Daniel Craig and Alistair McGowan, among others, and left right before graduating after snagging the role of Private Mick Hopper in Dennis Potter's six-part Channel 4 series Lipstick on Your Collar (1993). His first notable role was that of Alex Law in Shallow Grave (1994), This was followed by The Pillow Book (1996) and Trainspotting (1996), the latter of which brought him to the public's attention.

He is now one of the most critically acclaimed actors of his generation, and portrays Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first three Star Wars episodes. McGregor formed a production company, with friends Jonny Lee Miller, Sean Pertwee, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Damon Bryant, Bradley Adams and Geoff Deehan, called "Natural Nylon", and hoped it would make innovative films that do not conform to Hollywood standards. McGregor and Bryant left the company in 2002.
He was awarded Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2013 Queen's New Years Honours.