Changing the way i look at food - Smoothies

If you like smoothies try these, these are my favourite 2 recepies 

Banana - berry smoothie
Makes 2 serving's
1/2 cup of blueberries
1 cup apple juice
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup of partly frozen strawberries
1 cup partly frozen banana slices

Instruction: Add all the ingredients to the blender in order, 
pulse twice then blend smooth.

Mango - peach smoothie
Makes 2 serving's
1 cup of peeled chopped mango
1 cup of peeled chopped peach
1/2 cup of orange juice
2 tsp of honey
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1 cup of ice

Instructions: Add all the ingredients to the blender in order, 
pulse twice the blend till smooth.

Here is a important fruit tip:
Smell the fruit first if it don't smell of anything then chances 
are it wont taste of anything.

Drastic changes!!!

Hi guy's well firstly i have to say i haven't blogged very much coz i have run out of ideas and as i am saving money to my backpacking trip i am not really buying my unwanted stuff to re-fashion sorry!

But there's one thing i want to share with you tho i got a new hair cut trust me it was a drastic change i went from shoulder length to small Mohawk and i love it this is the style i was going for:

and this is my amazing hair style (i love it)

This is my old hair style with all the sticky out bits and uneven - ness

I love my crazy hair it was done by my amazing friends helen

Georgina Bos - My Vacation

Hey guys This post is really all about introducing you to some one who is to 
go it alone as a young female traveller when she told me what she has set out to do i was very proud to have another female on board the travelling wagon or in her case cycling.

I want to introduce you to my friend Georgina Bos

She is from the Netherlands.
Challenge: Cycling 500km from Voorschoten to Paris.
Transport: Her bike she paid 20 Euro's for it
Route: Voorschoten - Roosendaal - Brussels - Mons - Saint quentin - Paris.

Please support her she is very brave for doing this alone and i hope her 
all the love and support along the way.
Stay safe brave lady.

Accessories the waist coat and others

So my green shorts got another dyeing and then some weird spots on 
them with my new fabric pens.

My denim jacket got some new friends and some colour.

More studdz baby...!

My little bow.

My shiny broach with my butterfly

New buttons 

My butterfly and my star

My random patch Love it!

Changing the way I look at food - post 2

These are a few things i have been eating over the week I a trying to stay on the healthy food waggon but damn do i miss chocolate!!! So today i am very sorry to tell you i had half a lemon merange pie....But no more i am very determined to do this but remember I AM NOT DIETING i do not believe in diets!!
Also today i had the most amazing vegetable stir fry.

I bet you hungry now!

Bleed Bitch Bleed!!!

I got another tattoo this weekend its on my chest.
My chest piece is nearly finished. 
My amazing king fishers!

Can you tell what it is yet?

My stencil for the left side.


My new one on the right side 
(sorry about the dark photo i took it with my computer)

Well that what i did with my weekend what did you do with your's.

Manchester's Tattoo Show 2012

Hi all so today was amazing i went to a tattoo convention my first one i loved it!
I loved talking with all the amazing people, watching some amazing tattoo's get done.... 
But sadly i didn't get a tattoo i was almost there but i remembered i am traveling soon (but they were some really nice ones there).
I am afraid i didn't get many pictures i was too engrossed in watching these amazing art works being created but this is what i did get.
also coz i didn't get many photo's i thought i would share some amazing links with you of tattoo studio's around the UK.

The ink spot tattoo studio
72b market street, ulverston, cumbria, LA12 7LT

Callam Godley
check out this man's photo's for ideas of his work

Tomoya Akitsu
Japanese Traditional tattoo artist

Ruby Lou's Tattoo Studio

Gung Ho Tattoo
Facebook contact

Cris Gherman
Facebook contact

Lady Tattooer
Kings cross tattoo parlour

Darren Wright
I specialise in creative freehand custom tattoos, portrait tattoos & photo realism. I also love doing pin up tattoos, japanese, surreal dark horror & bio-mechanical tattoos

Hello Sailor
Based in blackpool a woman dominated studio (Girl Power!!)