Writers Idea's

Now when it comes to writing for me I am a traditional pen to paper type of girl my boxes and suitcases are full of my writings from stories to songs, poems everything I keep them all in a shoe box and when it gets full I get another pair of shoes just for the box.
Since moving this year I haven't had anything exciting to write about some of you would call this 'writers block' but I call it 'Unimaginative life'.
So in the words of Carrie Bradshaw "if I get the right table the writing should come and it better had" at the moment I write hunched over on my bed not so good we have no tables in the flat at all (which I hate) I get a bad back then I get grumpy and cant find the story again its just not good when you have to write, my flat is not the biggest and I have a lot of books and clothes so where short of room
(that's a understatement there is just no room at all).
My idea is a very small fold away table and chair so when I move (again) it can come with me so I will have a permanent table and chair and not have to worry about it anymore
(no more bad backs, necks).
Do I buy or do I build that is the question?
Also you get a foldable chair as well that's will save a lot of room but still practical.
This seems the best idea so far
I could go very old school and go with this it folds down pretty easy but reminds me of school far too much.

Hopes and Dreams

Let me explain about this picture, in my local town of Northwich I other than the library I have trouble finding a good decent book shop so I am looking for a building to open one.
I know people are saying books shops are dying out and everything is going online but I don't think so, there's not difference sitting in a book shop with a kindle or a book you are still reading. All you have to do is emerge old with new and that is exactly what I am going to do, its not fool proof but its a start. This is a dream I have always wanted to do, I am not getting any younger so here goes, what's that saying "Bottom's Up"

Recent Book Buys

All these books for £1


 2015 diary £2
 note book and a jotter pad £1
2 pens £1
Book 49p

Home Made Apple and Plum Tart's

How to:
1: Buy a base its easier or buy a ready made mix where you just add water.
2: Slice your plums and apples place them separately on plates.
4: Grease a circle baking tin.
5: Lay them out anyway you want in the base when your done add sugar or honey to the top.
6: Place them in the oven (if your oven is electric like mine keep a eye on them) keep them in till there golden brown and nice and sticky.
*Caution the apple tart might need a bit extra moisture it goes a bit dry*

DIY: Coat Hook

What's needed:
Paint (any colour tester pots or some paint you had left over)
Screw Driver
How to:
1: Remove the hooks with a screw driver.
2: Paint the wood any colour (put newspaper down)
3: Let it dry.
4: Screw the hooks back to the wooden plank.
5: Get 2 other screws and attach it to the wall/ door or any other surface.

Septembers Lady Boner - Kurt Yaeger

Kurt Yaeger
(born January 3, 1977)
American actor, model, director and professional athlete, who is also a below-the-knee amputee. His recent work includes roles on the CBS hit show NCIS and the much anticipated HBO/Cine max series Quarry. Kurt is notable for appearing in season five of the FX series Sons of Anarchy as Greg "the Peg" and in the Rudimental music video for the UK hit single "Waiting All Night" featuring vocals from Ella Eyre.

His comeback in sports came not long after in the Extreme Sports genre of BMX. He is currently the number one Adaptive BMXer in the world and participated in X Games 16 and X Games 17. Yaeger was showcased along with other adaptive athletes thanks to Adaptive Action Sports, a non-profit organisation promoting Action Sports camps, events and programs for youth and young adults living with permanent physical disabilities.
In 2012, the US Paralympics Bobsled & Skeleton Team invited him to train with them in Park City in early January.They asked him back to train with them in Innsbruck, Austria in early March.
2013 had Yaeger participating in a promotional BMX tour of the United Kingdom. Followed immediately by a Motorcycle tour of Africa with Touratech-USA.