My Local Library

I use my local library quiet a lot even tho we have the internet in the house.
Why? I just love the library being out the house, no distractions, not being hounded by my dogs for attention, I get a bit of quiet time.
What does your library look like?
Mine has authors come and talk about their books,
Kids and adult reading clubs,
Free hour on the computers
you can reserve books if they don't have them in the library

Northwich Library


Dinner: Paprika Chicken

Paprika Chicken with onions and mushrooms
(Make sure the veg is very chunky as it shrinks when cooking)

Ice Cream Milkshake

Ice Cream MilkShake
1: chop up a banana. put it in a blender with 2 ice cubes.
2: Add a glass of banana flavoured milk and a scoop of ice cream. (vanilla works best)
3: pour out and serve with a last scoop of ice cream on top.
4: Eat straight away.

(You can change the recipe to suit your own taste)

A lot of love and even more patience

WARNING: If you want to watch the video it is very loud you might want to turn down the sound there playing with plastic bottles


Celebs and Drugs

Peaches Geldof, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Carl Baze, Truman Capote, Coco Chanel, Kurt Cobane, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Bruce Lee, Britney Murphy, Sid Vicious.
Let just get this straight they might have been celebs once and everyone idolised them but in all retrospect these people here and many more are nothing but drug addicts even in death!
I don't care how many kids they left behind, they should have thought about them before they took the drugs in the first place.

 Their not idols, there not role models their just drug addicts.

 The papers need to stop making out there their fucking saints because there not.
I have seen first hand what drugs do to you and the family threw both of my sisters, I will tell every other drug addict what I told them "you got yourself on drugs you get your self off them if you want it bad enough".
I don't have time for people who want to destroy their life's with something as crazy and destructive as drugs.
What's your opinion on celebs and drugs?

5 Health Benefits Of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is more than just plain delicious. It has been proven to have some fairly amazing health and beauty benefits. From the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes and everything in between, let peppermint tea bestow its healing powers on you!

1. Stress Relief

When it comes to stress and anxiety, peppermint tea is one of your best allies. The menthol that is naturally present in the tea is a muscle relaxant; the relaxation of the muscles can be an enormous component of natural stress and anxiety relief… not to mention falling asleep!
Drinking peppermint tea before bed has been proven to give you a more restful sleep. Not only does the relaxation of the muscles lead to more restful sleep, the tea has properties that can even help you dream more vividly.

2. Sinus Relief

The season of constant colds and flus has begun, so let peppermint tea become part of your evening routine. Not only does the consumption of any warm liquid, such as tea, help you clear your sinuses and soothe sore throats, peppermint tea in particular is a known natural decongestant.

3. Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, there’s no all-natural miracle. But you can get some help from peppermint tea! Peppermint tea can act as an appetite suppressant, making it easier to stick to your healthy eating goals. Drinking a blend of peppermint tea and green tea can help increase your metabolism as well, making it easier to shed extra pounds.

4. Skin-Clearing

If you suffer from hormonal skin problems such as acne, peppermint tea could be a natural solution. Peppermint tea offers a slight boost in estrogen levels to some drinkers, which can help curb these hormonal problems and aid in clearing up acne. If you really want to make sure that you’re reaping all the benefits, try adding peppermint tea to your bath water. It can help soothe burns and rashes as well as other skin inflammations.

5. Stomach Problems

If that wasn’t enough, peppermint tea is also a great natural remedy for certain stomach ailments, including bloating and gas. Having a cup of tea in the evening before bed can help soothe these problems, making it easier to digest and fall asleep.

The Future Of Short - Haul Airlines

I don't know about you guys but I am not a fan of flying to start with so when I see this I get really scared and think I will never fly again if they do this but when I first saw the picture it immediately made me thing of I Robot and Day breakers the films. Conveyer belt people that's all we are and it is so sad to think money and power has over taken blood and life.
Sometimes laments that air passengers get what they deserve. Or, more accurately, they get what they are prepared to pay for, which is usually as little as possible. It is the reason why Spirit Airlines, despite being far-and-away America's most complained about airline, is also its most profitable. And why Ryanair, whose boss, Michael O’Leary, takes public pleasure in making its passengers’ lives miserable (“Anyone who looks like sleeping, we wake them up to sell them things”) is Europe’s second largest carrier. The more passengers prioritise the cost of a flight over service, the more the industry will give them what they want.
As yet airlines are not, to Mr O’Leary’s chagrin, allowed standing sections on their planes. So it should be of little surprise that Airbus has applied for a patent for the next-most bovine configuration: a “motorcycle saddle” for short-haul cabins.

Airbus’s patent says that traditional seats cannot be narrowed any further, or the pitch reduced much more, in order to accommodate extra passengers. Therefore, carriers will have to redesign the seats if they want to cram in more flyers. Its suggestion is a fold-down saddle, a small backrest and a couple of retractable armrests. Certainly no tray-tables, underseat storage or pockets to keep your sick bag in. This, it reckons, will allow airlines to wedge a third more people on to a plane—that’s an extra 63 passengers on one of Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800s. It would only be for flights lasting "a few hours" but judging by the pictures in the patent application, it doesn’t look like a fun ride.
The simple truth is that the distance between the front and the back of the plane is stretching by the month. Airbus has no plans to roll the seats out just yet, but it is telling that just as Etihad introduces “three-room residences” and butlers for its first-class passengers, the future for rest of us could be a bike saddle. Unless, that is, we are prepared to pay for a little bit of comfort. But we all know the answer to that.
This is just a little joke but you get what I am trying to say
The plan for more seats on the plane??
This a scene from Day Breakers film
Can you see the resemblance with the bike seats and the human conveyer belt?
What are you thoughts?
I think it is a bad idea there are too many plane crashes are there is.

Lemon Tea Loaf

Lemon Tea Loaf
How to:
1: In a large mixing bowl make up the tea with 2 heaped spoonful's of tea and
125ml boiling water.
2: Stir in 450g dried fruit and 175g of soft brown sugar. Allow to cool.
3: Beat in 1 egg and 225g self raising flour.
4: Transfer the mixture into greased loaf tin
5: Bake in a pre - heated oven at 160'C /325'F /gas mark 3 till cooked threw out
6: Remove from the oven and place on a wire rack to cool.

Mildred Ryder - Peace Pilgrim

Mildred Ryder, better known as Peace Pilgrim, was born today in 1908. Beginning in 1953, she spent 28 years walking across the United States with few possessions and no money to her name. The back of her tunic read: “25,000 miles on foot for peace.”

Expressing her ideas about peace, she referred to herself only as "Peace Pilgrim." Peace Pilgrim's only possessions were the clothes on her back and the few items she carried in the pockets of her blue tunic which read "Peace Pilgrim" on the front and "25,000 Miles on foot for peace" on the back. She had no organizational backing, carried no money, and would not even ask for food or shelter. When she began her pilgrimage she had taken a vow to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace, walking until given shelter and fasting until given food."
On July 7, 1981, while being driven from the Chicago area to a speaking engagement near Knox, Indiana, Peace Pilgrim was killed in an automobile accident. At the time of her death, she was crossing the United States for the seventh time. After her death, her body was cremated, and her ashes were interred in a family plot near Egg Harbour City, New Jersey.
A few words from the lady herself:
In order for the world to become peaceful, people must become more peaceful. Among mature people war would not be a problem - it would be impossible. In their immaturity people want, at the same time, peace and the things which make war. However, people can mature just as children grow up. Yes, our institutions and our leaders reflect our immaturity, but as we mature we will elect better leaders and set up better institutions. It always comes back to the thing so many of us wish to avoid: working to improve ourselves.


Apartment Update

Well last time I mentioned the house we had only been in it a few days and it was a mess we still have no carpets and we still don't have a fence around the front garden but we do now have a cooker (yey) our first meal was spaghetti bolognaise (always is our first meal).
The bathroom is not blue anymore its mint blue the same colour as the kitchen (I don't like wasting stuff). The stairs are now a nice pastel yellow really brightens the place up, The cookie dough (brown) has now gone on the walls and it has toned sown the orange.
The book shelf I built myself from Ikea flat pack now my books have some where to live instead of under the bed in a box. 
I have to admit to you all I don't feel at home here I don't know why I just feel like there's more to come and this is not the end, I don't know why I feel like this I just do.

Northwich Canal

I don't often talk about where I live but my town has just had a new canal built and I think it is just great here's a few pictures.