Book: Gods of Egypt

The first book from my new found way of choosing a book is 
Gods Of Egypt by Orlando Smart-Powell.
I won this book in a competition on Goodreads it is also signed.

DIY How To Choose A Book

I don't know about you guys but lately i have been having so much trouble picking what to read next from my collection of books in fact I'm getting very overwhelmed by it all and then i give and go to the library pick one from there.

Here's what i did.

How to:
1: Write all the books you have down on paper
2: Cut the paper and fold the written books up.
3: Place them in a container and every time you want to read your next book close your eyes and rummage in the box.

DIY Chocolate Cake

I have to admit when the man comes to stay I get all fancy and go all out to cook for him.
He never asks for it but i just love cooking.
 I do miss cooking for a few people and still haven't got the hang of cooking for one yet I always make too much so then it goes in Tupperware boxes for another day.
The other day I cheated a bit I got a ready made mix you just add 2 eggs and water it was amazing the perfect cake (yes I cheated) but it was great with custard.

DIY Sweet Chilli Beef

So to just let you all know i forgot to take any pictures of this i was too busy trying to impress the man....oooppsss....

Egg Noodles
Sweet chilli sauce 

How to:
1: Cut the beef into strips and fry them till cooked.
2: In a separate pan place the egg noodles.
3: In another bowl add the beef and the chilli sauce, mix together thoroughly.
4: Drain off the noodles then add the beef to the noodles.

*the noodle don't take long at all try to cook them near the end*

DIY Homemade Burgers

chopped onions
drizzle of oil

How to:
1: Add the mince to a bowl along with all the other ingredients.
2: Mix together thoroughly
3: Make the ingredients into a ball then flatten a little to resemble burgers.
4: Place in the oven until cooked all the way threw.

* add your own ingredients you can play around to what suits you*

DIY How to make bread 🍞

The other day I tried my hand at making bread it was a mess and stuck to my hands then I got flour up the wall and on the dog despite all that the bread turned out really nice, I think a few more attempts and I can start adding other ingredients to change it up a bit.

pinch of salt
dried yeast (one sachet)

How to:
1: Mix everything together till you get a dough ball
2: Lightly flour the kitchen top and knead the bread for about 10 mins.
3: Place in a tin for about 30 mins till doubled in size.
4: Place in the oven for about 35 mins or till golden brown.
5: Removed from the tin and place on a wire rack to cool.
6: Slice the bread to you own thickness and slather with butter, eat warm.

*it might be best to preheat the oven as some people do*

Caring and Sharing

Hi to all you sensational bloggers out there I know I have been away for quiet some time now and I am sorry but iv been so busy with life here's a few things that's happened firstly as you all know I got my own place and met someone....... I went back home for a visit leaving my neighbour and ex husband looking after my dog and between them both they stole from me..... I went away for the weekend and left my neighbour looking after my dog and she did it again. On top of that I have been going threw a divorce which is stressful it's self.......and finally I am working two jobs which are so stressful......also I want to move back home to the lake district but I can't until I have a job! So there you have it busy busy but I know that's no excuse for neglecting my blog because I do love my blog.
so here's a thing for you all leave a comment with a link to your blog and I will make it my mission to visit everyone of them and leave a comment for you beautiful people 💐