DIY: Mothers Day Pillow

As you all know I didn't take the final picture of my mothers day pillow until now here you go I hope you like it and remember it is my first ever one.

My Stash...!

Over the process of moving I have lost a few things in my stash of fabric so when I was out spending some time with my beautiful mother we found a great shop with a huge sale on and she bought me this suitcase it was £10 reduced to £5.
It is made out of very strong cardboard but can hold and carry like a real suitcase I have put all my fabric and other bits in it.
How cool does it look?
Do you have a stash?

DIY: Adjusting straps

What's needed:
Item of clothing
How to:
1: Measure on the top how much needs removing and what feels comfortable.
2: Cut off the piece you don't want.
3: Pin the straps together where they have to sewed.
4: I sewed mine with a loop and lock stitch just to give it more strength.

BOOK: City of bones by Cassandra Clare

Omg... I love this book I really did, now I have always made a point of staying away from shitty teenager romances after the disastrous Twilight but I watched the film with my friends and really enjoyed that also
So what came next had to be the books I have spent the past tow night staying up till early hours of the morning reading they caught me that bad.
The book is very different from the film which is always a bad thing in the book she has the characters and whiney teenagers which I found a bit shitty but it was still a good read.

DIY: Mothers Day Pillow

What's needed:
Needle and thread
assorted fabric
fabric paint
tracing paper
stencil template
plastic lid
How to Stag Template:
1: Get some tracing paper and draw the template in the book.
2: cut out the template very carefully
3: get some blue tack and place the template where you want to paint it.
4: get a disposable lid and a old clean make up sponge place the paint on the lid and dab it a bit the dab it on to the transfer very carefully.
5: Leave to dry for 12 hours then to the instruction on the paint.

How to for the Pillar:
This one is quiet hard so please just follow the instructions in the book.

1: Make sure you sew the pillow together inside out.
2: Place the cushion inside the pillow case before sewing up the final edge.



Refashioned My Blazer

What's needed:
Seem picker or scissors
How to:
1: Turn the Jacket inside out
2: With the seem picker remove the edges of the sewed hem.
3: Be careful not to cut the actual sewed seem of the jacket.
4: Turn the jacket the right way round and decorate as you want.
*I removed my shoulder pads and the attached t - shirt.* 
The finished Jacket
*I added the necklace just for the pictures*


DIY: Yellow Skirt (post one)

What you need:
 1 meter of fabric (I choose yellow)
thread (same colour as your fabric)
black lace (to decorate)
How to:
1: Make two semi circles in the fabric, one slightly shorter than the other.
2: Use a mannequin if you have one. 
3: Place the fabric on the mannequin and arrange how you want the dress to look pin it all together inside out.
4: When you are happy with it sew it all together.

Now that is the easy way, trust me when I say there's nothing easy about this for mine I added black lace to the front it was a bit short for me (I have to protect my nether regions id cause a scandal) and also I placed bias tape around the edges to give it more structure.




A Little of this and a Splash of colour

Just wanted to share with you all my new place.
The yellow dress is a new project (come hopefully soon)
The green dress is my amazing new dress, a splash of colour never did anyone any harm.
What it is the spice girls said "Spice up your life"
well I am well and truly doing that.

BOOK - The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

The Thirteenth Tale by Dianne Setterfield
***** 5 Star rating
This book kept me up till 4 in the morning.
The twist and turns are in credible and I never once saw that ending coming.
I loved it when she was describing her bookshop and books in general it felt like you could of really been there.
She is very powerful with her words and describes things perfectly.
Amazing book. Recommended to everyone.