DIY: Cut This - Stitch That - Measure This

This was a very long jumper with long sleeves. My mother bought it for me and in the winter months it was good under clothing to keep warm but i had to re-vent it i cut off the sleeves and stitched it pretty. Now its a dress with short sleeves.

This was made out of cast of fabric i didn't want to throw away blue and purple i cut them down to size stitched them together also i will be adding some fabric to the bottom to create the balloon effect.

This fabric i got from a pound bucket on the local market i trimmed it to size stitched the ends together and the top and bottom now its my high wasted skirt. 
(it gives the effect that you have a flatter tummy).

DIY: Merry Christmas!

Christmas can be an expensive occasion for every one so here it what i have done to try to save the pounds this year.

Santa stockings

With the Santa stockings i trailed my husband round the local market for fabric (he wasnt happy but i was) i got some white fur fabric (fake) red santa design fabric.
Draw out 2 stocking shapes stitch them together inside out, turn them the right way round stitch some fur around the top of each stocking. 
You can have any colour shape or size you want be creative.

The mitterns. When doing the mitterns leave plenty of room around you hand and make sure you make the wrist area bigger aswell (remember with sewing you loose some of the size always measure a bit extra) sew them together inside out, turn them right way round the again stitch some fur around the wrist area. Keep trying them on for size. Use any colour shape and size be creative.

DIY: Before and after

Orange Power

This is how the dress used to look a boring summer dress.

This is how the dress looks now a great skirt which i love.
This is a piece of clothing that was an unwanted pressie so i customised it. 
I cut off the ties and the boob tube area then hand stitched the top 
measured my waist with elastic.
Place a safety pin in the end of the elastic and thread it carefully threw the waist band make sure its not twisted (like mine was) stitch the 2 ends together finish the skirt.
There you have a unwanted dress into a great skirt which i love wearing.

Haven a nice day

My New Clothing Label

After long night pondering we finally made a decision

                               This is the final design me and kat have decided on what do you think?

DIY: Sea defender outfit

This outfit was pretty simple to make i called it the 'Sea Defender'
Tell me what you think x

Bad boy for breakfast!

    This is one for the ladies.....and some men aswell :-) its not really about clothes this post but i just wanted to run something past you all....

Tom Hiddleston

Michael Fassbender

We all love a bad boy dont we? The badder the better but im having real trouble deciding who the sexy'est bad boy out of Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston.

He Was a Royal Engineer

This story im gunner tell you about now is very personal to me its about my grandad and his younger years.

Quiet recentaly my nanna and grandad's house had sever water damage and it destroyed most of there family photo's. It was very upsetting for my nanna and grandad they lost all there photo's of there own children growing up and everything from when we were all born.
My grandad showed me what had survived out of all the photo's i feel the need to share with you my grandad was and is to this day my amazing hero.
I have taken the survivng photo's and i am personaly restoring what i can and also putting them in a new album he is very proud of his military photo's so im hoping to make him very happy by doing this for him also i am searching to find any information on his military life. He was a Royal Engineer.

I aploagise for the photo's beeing a bit blury but i took them with my mobile camera and keep in mind they have had some water damage plus they are just old.

This my amazing grandad in his younger years

Sturtting his stuff on the beach

Great poser!

Grandad and his guys

Having a well diserved pint

I think the might have been fishing

All things Wool.


Today i was walking round all the charity shops and i noticed how much knitted clothing gets sent to them i think it is a shame my heart goes out to all knitted things.
I'm gunner post a few of my fave knitted things, if you feel the same way i do about knitted everything then let me know but leaving a comment.
Love and Kisses
Kay x
I just love this its got the whole hippi thing going on.



Take a look at how cute this is.

Found this on ebay i sooooooo fell in love with it. PEAS IN A POD = LOVE

Sunny sunglasses

 Well people as we all know the weather has been lovley sun all the way baby!
So in the sun what you need is sunglasses im gunner show you some of the funkiest and funniest sunglasses wore by everyone.

This is me and my cusin in the trafford center trying on glases i had a red pair with black
 lenses and shes wearing a yellow pair with black lenses DONT WE LOOK SEXY?!!
I think these are awesome syclops glasses. Cool

Lego sunglasses very creative invention i love them

Good old vintage 'LOVE' glasses

Mikey mouse style glasses cute!

Me styling my multi -coloured glasses

Sunglasses testing got me kicked out the shop hahahaha

Window shopping..with a twist!

                I like to look at people window displays here's a few over the past couple of weeks.

a sweetie shop window display.

a card shop dedicated to mothers

traditional sweetie shop

jewellery shop window

self playing piano trafford center

'Princess pig'

'Stick em up'

my lizard.....

pucker up baby!!!

River island had this i found it amazing

vintage rocking horse
amazing duke box in cash converters....kool!