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Easy skirt instruction in 3 steps

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What shape am i? Strawberry shaped

Strawberry shaped
Your shoulder are broad but you have ample bust you have a flat bum, undefined waistline and narrow hips.
Styling tips:
1: V-neck dresses will bring in your shoulders
2: Coloured tops, plain or patterned are a great way to diminish top half size.
3: It’s obvious - but always avoid shoulder pads.
4: Flared trousers or kick flare jeans work wonders to balance your base with your shoulders.
5: Avoid jackets with wide lapels - they'll emphasise your shoulder width.
6: Chunky wedge shoes don't help when you're trying to add the illusion of silhouette shape

What shape am i? Rectangle shaped

Rectangle Shape
So you shape is pretty much straight up and down,
with very few curves.
My shoulder, waist and hips line up with each other.
Styling tips:
1: Add femininity - go for girl re - touching and details to add volume.
2: Create the illusion of a waistline with cinching dresses.
3: Detail on top and plain on the bottom adds visual contrast and interest.
4: Use statement colour to focus eyes either on your top or bottom half.
5: Avoid sleeveless styles - they'll only accentuate your straight up and down torso.
6: Chunky wedge shoes don't help when you're trying to add the illusion of silhouette shape

What shape am i? Pear Shaped

Pear shaped
I have got a smaller bust, narrow shoulders with heavier hips, thighs and bum.
Styling tips:
1: With dresses, a square neck line will really help add top half balance.
2: The secret is to add interest and width to your shoulders.
3: On jackets, wide lapels will help push focus outwards.
4: Tops and jackets that crop at the waist work well to balance wider hips.
5: Busy print on top diverts the eye upwards to the slimmest part of your body.
6: A-line skirts and dresses skim your hips rather than hug - and show off your waist.

What shape am i? Hourglass

So your bust is  ample, you have curvy hips and a defined slimmer waist.
Styling tips:
1: Show off those curves. Peplum tops and dresses were made for you.
2: Flatter your bust - go for open neck lines such as V or scoop-necks.
3: Choose tops that stop at the waist and are gently fitted - you've got shape don't hide it.
4: Baggy fit isn't your thing, that goes for tops and bottoms, it'll just make you look bigger than you are. Fitted flatters you.
5: A great hip balancing quick fix - roll up those jeans! It's trendy too.
6: Go for high heels - height and your curves are a killer combo.

A - Lines are for everyone.

Yes A - line is for just about everybody shape.
Its fitted on the hips and looser across them thighs - particular great for pear shapes.

Accentuate The Possitive

Look in the mirror, there's bound to be one bit you like!
Then go for it. Boob, bums or legs.....
Make sure your best bits are where you put the focus.
Don't be shy now.

What shape am i? Apple

So you have a rounded tummy and big bust with slimmer hips and legs.
Styling Tips:
1:Cinch in to create a waist. Pick dresses that gather at the waist or add a belt.
2: Go for detail that diverts eyes away from your waist.
3: Short length jackets will add visual shape and definition.
4: Dear to bare. Slim pins are your assets - show them off.
5: Top wise - avoid tummy clinging T's or knitwear and go for soft fluid fabrics.
6: Generally think about colour and detail to break up you silhouette.

5 Rules For Petite Women

1.Wear Monochrome
Monochrome is big news for spring/ summer 2014 which is great news for you! Wearing one block of colour can really elongate the figure, and black and white work best. Try to avoid wearing lots of different shades all in one look as this will have the opposite effect.
2. Opt for high-waist
Many smaller women feel that high-waist trousers and skirts are out of the question for a shorter frame, but they couldn’t be more wrong. A high waist creates the illusion of longer legs and elongates the silhouette.
3. Avoid cropped trousers
Cropped trousers that finish just above the ankle can actually make your legs look thicker and shorter. Elongate pins with longer hems that cover the tops of your shoes.
4. Get the fit right
Smaller women should choose clothes that fit and sculpt the body rather than drown and overwhelm them (this can make you appear bigger than you are). Think of Kylie – her petite frame is always at its best in sculpting dresses.
5. Beware of belts
Belts are a popular way to cinch in the waist, but beware of wider styles that cut your body in half and ruin any chance of elongating the silhouette. Skinner belts work best if your outfit does need a bit of definition.

The Sirens and Ulysses 1837

William Etty 1784 - 1849
The subject is from ancient Greek poem The Odyssey it represents the scene from Homer's narrative where Ulysses leads his men past the monstrous Sirens.
In mythology these creatures lure sailors to their island with songs so enchanting that men die listening.
Ulysses escapes the sirens by being lashed to his ship and by ordering his men to stuff their ears with wax.
The artist modelled the dead bodies in the foreground on real corpse which he had sketched in morgues, Often derided by the critics for the overt nudity in his works Etty was particularly scorned for the "Sirens and Ulysses" because of its juxtaposition of nudity and death.
The painting was bought from the artist by Daniel Grant a Mancunian cotton mill farmer.
When I saw the painting in Manchester Art Gallery I couldn't take my eyes off it, its amazing I kept going to walk away I just kept stopping and sitting back down, this painting is just incredible.
It stopped me in my tracks.

and its only febuary!!!

Besides having a major obsession with books I have a serious one with shoes as well and over January I bought 5 pair of shoes.
Here the collection

Carrie Bradshaw


Manchester Art Gallery

I love art galleries I really do so when i was wondering around Manchester the other day I took myself to the art gallery and spent a few hours in there looking at the amazing works new and old.

Manchester's big wheel

So the other day o took myself out for a day in Manchester and it was amazing I got lost a few times found myself at oxford street I think and visited china town.
Also I went on a big wheel that was there as well not I am usually a person who is fearless and tries everything once I have never been scared of height's never.
I went on the Big Wheel...
From the moment I sat down I could feel my tummy just drop I never moved a inch at all I was holding on for my life if anyone saw me they would have laughed at me, Then to make things worse when we were at the top it stopped and I panicked even more then the wind started rocking it, never again, never.
When I got off I had to have a moment to find my legs and when I got home a hour later my tummy still felt crazy.
So to end the conclusion I am scared of height's.
(Now you have permission to laugh)