Manchester's big wheel

So the other day o took myself out for a day in Manchester and it was amazing I got lost a few times found myself at oxford street I think and visited china town.
Also I went on a big wheel that was there as well not I am usually a person who is fearless and tries everything once I have never been scared of height's never.
I went on the Big Wheel...
From the moment I sat down I could feel my tummy just drop I never moved a inch at all I was holding on for my life if anyone saw me they would have laughed at me, Then to make things worse when we were at the top it stopped and I panicked even more then the wind started rocking it, never again, never.
When I got off I had to have a moment to find my legs and when I got home a hour later my tummy still felt crazy.
So to end the conclusion I am scared of height's.
(Now you have permission to laugh)


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