Organising My Castle

As you all know I have recently got my own place which I am very happy about but also I am very sad because I do loose a relationship and a very much loved dog. 😱 😭

So with my one remaining pooch/my baby we are getting on with our lives as intended as you can imagine we are up to our necks in working and decorating, cleaning, packing boxes emptying boxes also we are writing up budget plans
(not very interesting but i have to).
I have a few things planned to save money so I can afford my driving lessons again (I miss driving) here's a few of mine I have been using for a while.

1: The envelopes. This is very new. I have 5/6 envelopes with the words rent, water, electric you get the gist, I put money in the envelopes for the month and that's it, no more no less.

2: De-clutter. Living with someone for nearly ten year you do end up with a lot of well shit, junk, rubbish what ever you want to call it over cluttered closet, too many odd shoes, teddies (I'm nearly 30 they must go), books I have read.
Why do we hold on to these things?
So armed with black rubbish bags and a few charity bags you get stuck in and theirs no excuses you get it done. (Don't mean to shout their) you do not need it so get rid and donate.
Then have a brew ☕

3: No Internet. I have committed the worst rule of being young twenty something I do NOT have Internet, land line etc.
To be honest I can't afford it, I will go to the library that's literally about 5mins away from my house and I am hoping to spend more time with nature as my dog. 🚫

4: Room Organiser. Yer you heard me I have made a list of what furniture goes in each room and where its gunner go...Why, you might ask is because I can never make my mind up about anything and I don't want to fret over furniture, I just want to get in there now.

5: Candles. I have always loved candles everyone should love them! If you are running low on electric then every now and then turn everything off and work by candle light, I always do it light some candles put the radio on smooth read my book or write or just relax. 🔥

Well that's it for now from me, what are you're budgeting tips?
Mine are not exactly rocket science and you won't be millionaire any time soon but you do save a few pounds.

Books By The Book Loads

Over  me and a girl from work have been exchanging books regularly she is from America so I get a lot of American based books which is pretty cool.
Here's a few she has given me:

Bought books:


Moving the mess

Oh and a dog and my crap....!
When I decided to move I had all the energy in the world and I was all for it four days into it and I want some one else to take over I am so tired and nothing looks like its getting done.
Don't you just hat it when you have to rely on people and they are only doing it because of the promise of money. Shameful.

This little man will be coming with me

BOOK - The Cairo Trilogy

This book is huge I don't know what I was expecting
 but it wasn't that!. I have only read a couple of pages of this book and I find it great I hope it carries on like that.


Hi there blogger readers and people of the world (all of the world)
sorry i have been a bit absent this month I have had a few personal things to deal with which took up most of my time then I had to get back to work after being off sick for two weeks after my operation.
I am now back to it :)
I have some great news I have my own apartment, I will be moving in over the next two weeks I am so excited its my first ever place on my own. 
I am really excited about this I have a great idea's for my place as I love the calm life and my motto is "less is more" I plan on keeping things very basic and clean so I can concentrate on my writing.
I also get to keep my dog the amazing landlord (woman) is OK with it.
More updates as things progress

April's Lady Boner: Craig Horner

Craig Horner 
(born 24 January 1983) 
an Australian actor and musician.
He is best known for his role as Richard Cypher on the television series Legend of the Seeker.
Horner discovered a love for acting after appearing in school productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Maids. In addition to performing, Horner's other creative talents include playing the guitar and writing music. Horner was a member of the band "Earth For Now" (called "Unstable Conditions" in 2011) who played their first show in Hollywood, California, starting the set with "Howl at the Moon". Horner and band mate Steve Matsumura announced their departure from the band on February 2, 2012. He published two songs on iTunes, "Avoid" and "Say What You Mean" under the name "Ithaca". 
An avid outdoors man, Horner enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, skiing, snowboarding and kayaking. 
Craig went to St Peters Lutheran College in Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Australia After graduating he went on to pursue acting.
Horner has appeared in various TV programs since 2001: as Jackson in "Cybergirl"; as Jesse Spencer's brother in "Swimming Upstream;" as a reporter on "Totally Wild," and starred as Caleb in the U.S.'s "Monarch Cove". In 2008, Horner joined the cast of the Australian children's drama television series Blue Water High, portraying surfer Garry Miller and then Ash Dove in the series H2O: Just Add Water
He starred as Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker.

Hitchcock (Film Review)

  1. Following his great success with "North by Northwest," director Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) makes a daring choice for his next project: an adaptation of Robert Bloch's novel "Psycho." When the studio refuses to back the picture, Hitchcock decides to pay for it himself in exchange for a percentage of the profits. His wife, Alma Reville (Helen Mirren), has serious reservations about the film but supports him nonetheless. Still, the production strains the couple's marriage.

  2. My personal opinion is I love this film why didn't I watch it sooner?
  3. I don't really like anything with Scarlett Johansson in it but this was good for her  as always Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren where amazing. 
  4. Who new his obsession with death and the ladies would make him a millionaire.
  5. 🔪 👠💄🎥