How do i dress this up?

To all my fashion ladies out there i just wanted to know how would you dress this high waist skirt up? It's one of my DIY skirts i loved the fabric when i bought it and i still do but i don't know what to put with it!
Some help would be much appreciated. 
I know it looks kind of plain but i like it, its kind of like a pencil style skirt when it's on showing all your curves.

Seen as tho no one has commented with how to dress this up i did some research on the Internet here what i got: 
Dress it with a tank top white or grey and some statement Jewellery.
Dress it with a shirt and ankle strap heels.

Good luck to me

Hi everyone thanks for the well wishes on the job front. Had a few this past week.

More good news i have another interview on Monday in Cheshire. I also got a few emails from a few big business's in Manchester just got to ring them Monday to confirm.

I am determined to get myself a job. 

My advice to everyone: 
Think big cities or a career change, trainee position are the best, you get new training, when you get a job keep it and don't ever let it go if you can, this day and age job's and money are hard to come by when you have got it don't let it go. I hadn't had a job interview in nearly 2 years then i started looking for a new career and applying for trainee positions with big companies and i have had 3 interviews in 1 week.
Perseverance is the key i know it can be soul destroying, you get depressed some people can get suicidal. Trust me i know i have done it all my last job was in January 5th 2010.

Good luck to you all

What to wear for a interview - Made simple

Recently i have had a few interviews and i was at a loss for what to wear so i took to Google but i realized they can very overwhelming the do's and donts, how to do this, how to do that, what to say, what not to say, It's a bit overwhelming even for me.
Here's a few thing's i have learned hopefully i made it simple enough for you to understand and not get over whelmed with it.

1:Wear a clean matching suit with a blouse or a shirt (men wear a tie)
2: No bright colors 
3: Wear 1 -2 inch heels (men wear clean shiny shoes)
4: No piercing or nail varnish, hide tattoo's (men and woman)
5: No heavy makeup natural is better (lip gloss and mascara works for me)
6: Hair away from the face (tied back or simple up do same for men with long hair)
7: No perfume or aftershave (i only wear roll on at interviews)
8: Skirt should never be above the knee (always below but not ankle)
9: Take care of hygiene (men shave, woman nails)
10: Don't smoke, or eat before an interview. (no bad breath)

My best advice:
 No matter what the interview is always look smart. My basics are formal pants, white shirt, small heels, Thin black cardigan, lip gloss and mascara. 
I always have a shower the night before.

1: Office outfit - Matching suit, white shirt/ blouse, small heels, hair tied up.
2: Casual job - dress pants, shirt/ blouse, small heels or flat shoes.

Here's a few sites to help you out in case your still stuck

My fave's and want's from

2013 My role model

Mrs Sarah Jessica Parker AKA Carrie Bradshaw this year she is going to be my fashion role model she will help me dress for certain occasions and well in general just give me 
help in my clothing. 
Who is you'r fashion role model?

3 years old

To day my blog is 3 years old
I just want to say thank you to my faithfull followers and everyone else who reads my blog i will continue to create and type.
Thank you

p.s I might not be blogging so much over the coming month because my computer broke and we are moving house but i do get 1 free hour at the library, when i move to my new house there will be loads of DIY projects so stay tuned.

Shag a poo drum sticks!

People of my blog help me here i need you advice...What is wrong with me?
6 pairs of shoes and were only in the middle of January (but they are nice shoes tho)
(I am sure there is more tho) and books i have bought 9 book so far.
ooohhh dear go there sales and charity shops are gunner kill me.

More January Reads

I first posted my January Reads link here but i have finished them all (well i finished 3 in one day) so now i will be posting a few more books check them out here.

Do you have any recommendations for me? 
Whats you favorite book?

Red Dragon - Thomas Harris (I am guilty of having this book for years and not read it)
The Atlantis Code - Charles Brokaw (I have read the second one of this first very good read)
Spartan - Valerio Massimo Manfredi (This book is part of the Alexander Trilogy)

Glitter Brogues

 Don't pressure me no more i will confess yes i am like every other red blooded female out there i love glitter and glittery thing's (i still hate pink) and yes i love watching girly films and having girly friends to girly gossip and i have always dreamed of a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet!!
I also dreamed about having a red glittery pair of shoes just like the ones from 
"Wizard of Oz".
(This day and age you get nasty sky scrapers boots and break you neck heels) you cant just get comfy shoes!..
These were my dream shoes!

UNTIL TODAY.................
I found these and i fell in love with them more than anything i don't know what there going to go with but i just couldn't leave the shop with out them me and my Mr Husband had a bit of a tiff he said i have too many shoes i got them anyway and they only cost me £3.50 from Matalan.

Advice on how to wear these:
Fashion Reactor say's 
"Keep it simple, choose a pair of buggy light blue jeans and a palin white or black top and a black coat".
I keep it plain and usually pair with tights and a pleated skirt, or skinnies and a cute knit. Don't match anything to them :)

What's you opinion on this subject...

My personal opinion: I think it is a great idea. Not having the pressure of sex looming over you weather your single, married or just undecided. A woman deciding she will be celibate threw religion, personal reasons or where there just Asexuality i think they need to be commended for taking control of their own lives and not caving to the pressures society these day put on people woman are taking back there own Rights and it starts with the body. Who decides that sex has to be a compulsory part of a relationship? Who chooses to describe a non sexual relationship as inferior? Simply not wanting sex isn't a big deal.  The counsellor, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the doctor, and the pharmaceutical companies make it a problem, because it's to their own advantage.
(my rant for woman rights is over now)
Here is a website that might be helpful to people if anyone is deciding, maybe checking it out you never know life could change for you. It's a very good no nonsence website.
Celebs that are celibate:
J M Barrie - Author of peter pan is rumoured to be asexual
Sir Issac Newton - Scientist is rumoured to have been a virgin all his life
Natasha Bedingfield - Is a christian and is very proud to have a successful career with out having to sexculize her image and is said to life a chaste life
Daniel Bedingfield - Another hugely talented Bedingfield, Daniel is an outspoken Christian whose song lyrics reflect his faith.
Sir Cliff Richard - is open about his Christian beliefs and chaste lifestyle. His Christian faith has played a major role in his choice to live a celibate life. 
Please remember that everyone has different views and opinions on this subject! 
Are you celibate? 
What was your decision on deciding that?

DIY: re - fashion jumper with bows

you can get this one here at New Look Link Here

But i don't want to spend £10 on a jumper so i am going to re - fashion my own 
check this out.

How to:
1: Get what ever colour jumper you want of have
2: get what ever bows you want or have 
3: scatter them all over the jumper, sew them where they land.

DIY: Red Riding Hood.

So today i was looking around the market my for some fabric to make my cape but no luck
walking away from the market something red caught my eye, in the shop i went and there in a basket was a fleecy blanket and it is red, so got it and its really soft so it will keep me warm in winter. Here are some examples of how i want mine to be like.
(Tutorial at the bottom for the cape and the hood)

£3.99 fleece throw over

i made 2 bows to place on as decorations

 How to:
1: Lay the fleece/ fabric out, fold in half.
2: Line all the edges up and pin them together, cut a "half moon" shape out for the neck line (i exaggerated mine coz i wanted a big hood)
(The hood will come in another tutorial)