27 Countries, 3 months - ish

OK i have decided that i want to go backpacking around Europe.
I have don't my research and there are 27 countries i want to visit (maybe a few more) i have given myself 3 months to see them in (maybe more depending how comfortable i get)

List of countries i am visiting:

                                                 (The yellow countries are the ones i am visiting)

If anyone has any advice for me or well wishes for me even your own experiences let me know it will be much appreciated.

Not in the sale but still I WANT!!!

These are not in the sale so to speak, but still i want them check them out new pay day i'm so purchasing them. There in the 20's price range but i think there still cheap!
  What do you think??

Lace Up Punk Rock Mid Calf Low Heel Military Combat Boots.
You can get them in Pink, Black, White.
I chose wait for it.....WHITE..!

This skirt is soooooo SEXY!!!! (I think).
Stretch Satin Skirt, Long Gothic. Check out the thigh slits (show them legs ladies)
(You can get this in a corset style dress aswell but i prefer the skirt)

Ebay - New Buys!

Latley i have given up on street shopping and turned to Ebay.
Money is tight and i'm shit at saving! So my mother suggested Ebay, I have to say i was a bit sceptical at first but when you get in the swing of it i was ADDICTED!!! Stay turned theres more to come....
Here are my new buys:

From the first moment i saw this i fell in love!!!
From F & F it cost me £3.99.

Now i'm a rather curvy lady so i always hate buying jeans! But these court my eye and i rather liked them and they fit perfectly round the waist and in the leg. Bonus....Again they only cost me £3.99.


Today i have a had a great day baking i made a jam roly poly, lentil soup, buttnut squash soup. I was very proud of it all so i wanted to show you.

Jam roly poly

Lentil soup

Roasted butternut squash

Finished butternut squash soup

I'm not much of a cook but i do try

DIY: Hair Tips

Organic Coconut Hot Oil Treatment: (Use once a week)
Coconut oil is great nutrition for your locks. It helps promote healthy growth and it also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair.
  • Melt 1/2 ounce of organic coconut oil (coconut oil melts rather quickly so make sure you don’t over-heat your oil)
  • Wet hair
  • Work the melted coconut oil into hair paying special attention to the scalp and dry splitting ends.
  • Leave in for 10 minutes
  • Wash with a good organic or 100% natural shampoo, condition, and style as you normally would.
Castor Oil: (Use twice a week)
Keep your hair warm during this process as your scalp will relax and obsorb the oil better, this treatment will help you hair grow longer, faster then usal and thicker.
  • Massage the Castor oil into the scalp use sparingly
  • leave on for 30 Min's
  • wash your hair thoroughly once or twice as it takes a while to wash out
Rosemary Hair Finisher: (Twice a week)
Rub into the scalp, leave over night for it to get to work properly (that's what i do) then wash your hair in the morning as normal.

All Things Vintage....

I was trawling the Internet for some vintage clothing as I'm going to Spain in June and vintage is my style i came across this site not they have the most amazing vintage clothing (but quiet pricey for me).
But i would advise anyone too take a look if you love all things vintage and old like me.


Hair Tips

Amazing hair tip by Anette Olzon

Check this hair tip out.....Works for me: Castor Oil.

Or if you prefer a more natural hair tip then try this one:

1 yolk
2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon of castor oil/ essential oil

leave for 1 hour then rinse with hot water and shampoo.

You'll look perfect in no time at all

Kisses kay x