Definition Of Loss

noun: loss; plural noun: losses

the fact or process of losing something or someone.

"avoiding loss of time"
Old English los 'destruction', of Germanic origin; related to Old Norse los 'breaking up of the ranks of an army' and loose; later probably a back-formation from lost, past participle of lose.

What's your take on dating sites?

What do you guys think of dating sites?
I personally hated them and thought they where a waste of time, why would some one pay the Internet to find them a partner?
Then I spoke to other people who are on dating sites and have met people most of them said they did it for the safety side of it.
I wanted them to explain more (I never actually thought of this)
Most of the ladies said that the dating site basically vets them for you (fake from real) so you don't have to worry as much as trying to date a guy in real life.
Most of the ladies said they didn't have time for that type of thing so the website was great because it did it for them.
The men said pretty much the same thing you get more of a accurate date match so your not sieving threw endless No's.

I think people have lost the art of communication whether it be friends or dating people we just don't know how to step away from technology and now we rely on it to find us a life partner I think it is really bad because the internet makes us out to be what were not then when you meet people in real life your expectations are destroyed.
What do you think? 
Are you on a dating side? 
What do you think of it all?