BOOK: English music by W. J. Turner

This is a very old book and what attracted me to it was its age
Its in great condition, it tell us about the history of music and how it entered Europe then floated to the UK, it tells us about how music was dominated by the church's and was not really practiced outside them.


Pen Friends Wanted - Snail Mail Only

Hello To All You Amazing Letter Writers
 The time of year has come again where I open my pen friend List.
If you are interested in new Snail Mail friends then head on over to my RULES PAGE
 Things I am interested in:
Travelling - Always planning my next trip
Animals - I have a dog
You - I love learning about new people
Culture - Your culture, everybody's culture
Book's - Reading, Book's, Reading....You get me?!
I love learning about everything.
Tell me about you, your city, your town, your country.

Beatrix Potter Exhibition

As you all know I recently we and visited the Wordsworth House and Gardens in Cockermouth and as a added bonus they had a Beatrix potter Exhibition which was great as all my life I have grew up with it. Photography was not allowed but I did manage to sneak a few pictures. 


Wordsworth House and Garden (part 2)

Here's the rest of the photos from my day trip at the Wordsworth house and gardens in Cockermouth I was very excited I took pictures of everything. As you do.

DIY: Jewellery Making

So today I was walking past the library and I saw a poster for a drop in session to jewellery making so I thought what the hell I have a hour or so before I meet my friend for our day together. 
This class turned out to be amazing.
The lady talked me threw a few little things about hooks and where to clip off, where to join and how to make the rings that attach everything to the earring with very fiddly pliers.
Link to the lady herself

Here are the my earring I made I am very proud of them.


Wordworth House and Garden, Cockermouth (Post 1)

Today I went for a interview and when it was over I decided to go check out the local town as I haven't been there in a while and I am really glad I did not only did it make me feel better but I investigated Wordsworth's House and Gardens which recently had been hit by the really bad flooding in Cockermouth.
Here's a link to the house Link Here