Shoes addiction confession

OK everyone i have a confession to tell you all
this year i have bought 5 pairs of shoes and it is only the end of January

My motto tho is "start as you mean to go on"

It's more of a obsession now and I have to stop!

DIY: Pinboard

Over the next couple of months in the new year i will be embarking on my first ever business ideas ever. I am very proud of what i am doing and i hope that it will be a success so i have been looking at way to kerb the costs and i came across DIY pin boards this is an amazing idea, here's a few i liked and that gave me ideas.



What you need:
What ever fabric you want to use
Studds (lots of them any shape any size)

How to:
I kinda cheated on this project sorry

1: Buy a plain dress off Ebay or in a sale (very cheap what ever colour, i got mine from topshop in the sale £4)
2: Attach the studs where ever you want them (i got my studs of Ebay for less than a pound they came from china so postage was free)

Outfit advice needed!!

Alright ladies i got some new shoes in the New Look sale for £10 and i love them but i don't know how to dress them up please help.

Hoe would you dress these up?

Naked - 1993 review

Johnny flees Manchester for London, to avoid a beating from the family of a girl he has raped. There he finds an old girlfriend, and spends some time homeless, spending much of his time ranting at strangers, and meeting characters in plights very much like his own.

A must see film i just watched it awesome - ness

I love this film (i just want to marry David) the start of this film was a bit shocking because it starts with a rape but every thing else was brill i am so glad i watched it. The film was made in 1993 by mike Leigh and he casted the actors perfectly.

I am Writing Again

Hey everyone i hope you had a great Christmas and new year mine was quiet but i did get loads of books (cheesy grin)

By now i bet you have broken all your new year resolutions i haven't even started mine yet but i do want to tell you that i have started writing again which is my biggest passion.

Maybe in the future i might get published but right now its just good to get the words out i don't feel like i am having a mental battle with words in my head and i now feel stronger for it but i am still writing everyday.

Got some great storied down here's a few i have written over Christmas and new year
No body's Daughter
Princess Aurora
He's old, she's young (still in the mix)

Here's a bit of advice from J.K Rowling (she gave to me personally)

1: Write all the time.
No matter where you are writing even if it’s complete garbage, just don’t stop writing.

2: Read widely and deeply.
Always make time to read

3: Write what you want to write.
Don’t be shy or reserved just write anything you want

4: Collect you inspiration.
Recognise what lights the fire in you

5: Keep a journal.
Relish a pen, it can set you free

6: You don’t have to get it right.
Just get it out.

7: Take a walk.
Nature, the city, Go out

8: Think on harsh critics.
Don’t worry over them

9: Perfection is impossible.
Don’t strive for greatness or fame, just right

Pre – write