Let me tell you all what happened I was walking to work this morning and came across a bat on the floor I didn't know what to do first of all I walked passed it and thought let nature take its course but every step I took I was feeling more guilty so I turned around and picked it up with a tissue and took it home put it in a bucket I found under the sink with some tissue and put a tea towel over it, it was there when I came home.
I was going to take it to the vets but today is Sunday and the vets is shut so I looked up online on how to care for it till I can take it some where.
This is what it told me:
DO NOT handle a bat with bare hands, 
 do not attempt to rehabilitate the bat on your own: To do so could jeopardize your safely as well as the life of the bat.
 Line a box with an old t-shirt so the bat has something to hang upside-down on. Create some pleats in the shirt so the bat can hide if it wants to. (Make sure any tape that is used is secured well so the bat won’t get stuck.)
 Put a small amount of water in a small, shallow container like a baby food jar lid. Place the lid on the bottom of the container and next to a wall so the bat can hang over it to drink. Make sure a top is secured to the box as some bats can squeeze through a crack as thin as 1/4″! If you must handle the bat please remember to wear thick gloves (even though rabies is rare in bats, if it bites you it will need to be euthanized and tested). Until help is located, keep the box in a room where the bat won’t get too warm or too cold and keep the bat away from children and pets.

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