My Old Grandad

When ever i have ever needed advice i always went to my good old grandad (the most amazing man ever) he always new the right words to say and made you laugh.
Today i woke up with a very heavy troubled heart because i need his advice and i bit of his guidence but most of all i just wanted a hug (do not cry your in the library).

I was thinking to myself what would grandad say then i just burst out laughing because i know exsacly what he would say here's is a few life lessons for you all from my grandad
(My grandad died on 5th May of lung cancer, 2 years this May)

Grandad's Life Lessons

1: Always wear matching underwear in case you get hit by a bus or get lucky.
2: Play the air guitar in your underwear and make this your big rockstar moment.
3: Never give up.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen 3 life lesson to live by and hopefully we will be all OK but i could still do with that hug tho.

Nanna and grandad with all the grand kids and great grand kids

My hero my best friend

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