James Bond 007 Week

Lucky Lucky here check out what i am reading all of the books by Ian Fleming AKA James Bond. I had them all on order but the nice library lady had them down the seller so i got them a week earlier so this amazing Sunday Afternoon post is all about the very very lucky James Bond! (in bed and out)...!
Along with many cups of tea!.
Here a link to the 007 website Here
What a Sunday :)

Since i was a child it has always been my dream to be a Bond Woman. I have just done a quiz to find out which Bond Lady i am my results where Pussy Galore.

The Sexy Bond Ladies: 
Ursala Ardress - Dr No
Danielle Binanchie - From Russia with love
Claudine Auger - Thunder-ball
Mie Hama - You only live twice
Dianna Rigg - On her majesty secret service
Jill St John - Diamonds are forever
Jane Seymour - Live and let die
Britt Ekland - The man with the Golden gun
Barbara Bach - The spy who loved me
Lois Chiles - Moonracker
Carole Bouquet - For your eyes only
Maud Adams - Octo pussy
Tanya Roberts - A view to a kill
Maryam d'Abo - The living daylights
Carey Lowell - Licence to kill
Izabella Scorupca - GoldernEye
Michelle Yeoh - Tomorrow never dies
Denise Richards - The world is not enough
Hallie Berry - Die another day
Eva Green - casino Royale
Olga Kurylenko - Quantum of solace 
Berenice Marlohe - Sky fall

10 Important facts about James Bond:
1: Roger Moore was the oldest actor to debut as Bond (he was 45 when Live and Let Die was filmed) and 58 when filming finished on A View To a Kill in 1985.
2: At 6’ 2” Timothy Dalton was the tallest of the Bond actors. At 5’ 10” Daniel Craig 
is the shortest. 
3: Daniel Craig is the only Bond actor to be born after the Bond series began. 
4: Timothy Dalton’s Bond was the last to smoke cigarettes.
5: When accepting the role of Bond, and aware of the dangers of being typecast, Pierce Brosnan insisted that he be allowed to work on other movies between the Bond films. For every Bond movie, Bros nan appeared in at least two other mainstream films.
6: Judy Dench has the 007 theme tune as her mobile ring tone. The actress, who has played MI6 head M since Golden-eye in 1995, was filming a scene for latest Bond film Sky fall when her phone rang.
7: From Dr No to Quantum of Solace, James Bond has killed 352 people and slept with 
52 women.
8: Golden-eye is the nickname of Fleming's beachfront house in Jamaica where he wrote the Bond novels and short stories between 1952 and 1964.
9: George Lazenby was the youngest actor to play James Bond, being 30 when On Her Majesty's Secret Service was released.
10: James Bond is the longest-running film franchise, with 22 films made since Dr No in 1962. It’s also the second most successful (after Harry Potter, of course); grossing more than $5bn.
Time for another brew now and some reading :)

This is taking more than a week i am going on my second and i still have 6 books to read!!

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