24 hour Read a Thon

UPDATE 1: It's 9.30 and i have just started reading.

Today i decided i am having a 24 hour read-a-thon (a bit like a marathon but with books and no running also i get to stay in bed all day, warm)
I woke up this morning made a brew and immediately started reading my book i am reading about Einstein, Its a great book.
I will be updating threw out the day every couple of hours then at 9.30 pm tonight i will finally post this blog post.

I am reading:

Einstein: His life and the universe by Walter Isaacson
The great train robbery: The untold story from the closed investigation files by Andrew Cook
Quantum of solace: The complete James Bond short stories by Ian Fleming
Highway Code

never forget the chocolate!!
Everything will be kept up to date on my Goodreads page LINK

UPDATE 2: Time for my first break 11.55 AM
I have been reading since 9.30 time to refresh the brew and stretch my legs.
Also make something to eat i have been eating chocolate all morning, as much as i like chocolate i need other food.
A much as i am trying to read their are so many distraction for me magazines, sometimes getting bored of the same book, computer, other blog posts i want to read, twitter, my dogs. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

UPDATE 3: 15.41 pm Time to feel human
Even tho i have been reading all day and no one has seen me i still had to get a wash and brush my teeth.
I have been studying the Highway code (i am learning to drive. I class that as a book to read).
Made a brew and had sandwiches for dinner - ate more chocolate.
I have read properly for about 1 hour since my last post which is terrible so back to it now, no distractions!!!!
Oh and my husband came in with a Grazia magazine more distraction...Oh and the mags really poop!

UPDATE 4: Its 19.44 and i am still reading.
Well i have read a bit today i am not too happy with it i could have read a bit more (i am easily distracted) and i have only read one book as well. Shameful!
Also i had my tea but that only take 1/2 hour out of reading. (fishing for a defense here)
In my defense the writing is so tiny in this book you have to read it carefully to get the words right, there are a few sentences and pages i have had to read again just to understand them its a great book but you need to concentrate on it. 
Einstein: His live and the universe by Walter Isaacson 

Small writing and bad camera skills don't go together!
UPDATE 5: 22.53 The End!
Its about 11 at night and i have finally stopped reading.
Overall i am not very happy with myself i can usually get threw a few books when i do a read-a-thon but not this time stuck to one book and hardly read any of it. Not happy with ones self.
Wise words to yourself: Stop getting distracted, you do not need the internet as much as you use it. Get back into the groove of reading, you do that best.

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