Living a Simple Life

Its the same every year when the New Year starts we all detox our bodies and de clutter the house but no body ever de clutters the mind.
Here's a few handy thing to help you along the way:
1: Know your priorities.
Minimalist is about making space for the stuff that matters.
Choose 3 - 6 things that are the most important to you.
2: Stop over committing.
Your time is precious!
Current commitments align with you priorities and which do you keep up out of obligations?
3: Get rid of Clutter.
Physical clutter has a negative impact on you stress levels.
De clutter!
4: Don't aim for 24/7 productivity.
Stop trying to fill everyday with something.
Allow your self two hours daily to recharge.
5: Tend your mind like a garden.
Your mental space deserves your attention too listen to it.
Practice mindfulness and give mediation a go too.
6: Buy Less!
Try to be a little more mindful of what you introduce in to you life.
Spend more on experiences than thing, it last longer.
7: Unsubscribe!
Information overload...Dilutes attention and energy.
Focus on a few favourite sources and unsubscribe from the rest.
8: Turn off the Notifications.
Social media and email keep us in constant distracted state by creating a false urgency.
Turn them off.
9: Single Task.
Multitasking  is a huge energy zapper and not very efficient.
Try one task at a time with a mini break ever hour.
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