5 best places to see a werewolf

1: Morbach, Germany
The local legend has it at a nearby airbase in the late 1980's. some American servicemen saw a two legged wolf jump a security fence and hear into the forest.

2: Margeride Mountains, France
In the 1760's a wolf like creature known as the Beast of Gevaudan terrorised locals here.
There are statues and plaque's around Mende and Marvejols referring to "La Bette" and a museum in its honour in the saugues.

3: Tallinn, Estonia
Poor old Hans just 18 when he was tried for being a werewolf in Tallinn in the 17th century and found guilty of the crime. Hans confessed it all but his confession might have had something to do with the thumbscrews and other implements of torture favoured by the Baltic authorities at the time.

4: Turku, Finland
From 1880 to 1881 a pack of wolves roamed this area and a werewolf legend was born.
Today one taxidermist specimen stands in the hunting museum of Riihimaki with another in ST Olaf's school.

5: Cologne Germany
During the late 16th century bands of mercenaries vied for control of this part of Germany. Raids, violence and pillaging were commonplace but plenty was still pinned on peter the werewolf.

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