This months poem

Fly away, be free!

Find peace, taste the air of freedom and warm us with the morning sun! Kiss me goodnight with the moonlight on my wet cheeks.
When I’m falling, lend me one of your wings, so my soul won’t crash into pieces, that nobody wants anymore.
You will be flying amongst the strongest winds and swimming with the most powerful and brutal waves…

You won’t feel no pain, no sorrow, 

No blood or tears,

 No scars or fears.
When I’m lonely and scared, I ask you to lie down next to me and warm my cold hands with your loving breath.
If I give up, crashed by reality and forced onto the ground, shaking and bleeding — you just come and take me in your arms, healing me with your angelic whisper.
It will echo through my whole body, which will heal my heart and I’ll be saved.
At times when I’m happy and everything is good, still walk with me — taste my laughter, and my happiness. When it’s time for me to go — I’ll go…
Somewhere, beyond this time and my imagination, I’ll be given those wings of peace.
I promise we will fly again! Side by side, into freedom and happiness!
So when it’s time for me to go,
I’ll go …

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