Corner House, Manchester You Dissapoint Me!

Corner House Manchester I have to say it you disappointed me deeply, there was loads of hype on the Internet about your bookstore so I thought "I must go" when I got there I was very excited I was wanting to buy loads of books.
When I walked in I must have looked confused because the guy asked if I needed some help so I asked where the book shop was and he pointed to the door's direction!
I will try to be nice about this but it wont happen.
I must have looked ever more confused when I looked back at the guy because he quickly said "our book shop is right here miss"
My reply was not so posh "That's it....right, Thank you"
I walked over with every step my heart sank with sheer disappointment. the only way I can explain this is my bathroom is bigger than their book shop!
They didn't even sell proper books it was more comic books and music books (there OK if you like that).
I am sorry Corner House you failed your great for tea and coffee and films but not books, I wont be recommending you to anybody for books.
Have any of you had a bad experience with book stores?

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