Book Review "Amazing Grace" By Steve Turner

My review: When i read this book back in November on my way to France by train i was so engrossed that i nearly missed my stop, This book is truly a eye opening account of slavery and the effects of a amazing song, it also points out how ignorant people are about claiming things as there own when they are not. You have to read this book to get the full effect it shows how one song can effect so many people lives and countries. 

Description: Top music writer Steve Turner traces the biography of 'Amazing Grace', the world's most recorded song. Versions of this hymn have been performed by artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Lady smith Black Mambazo, Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart and Destiny's Child. The book begins with the dramatic story of John Newton and his participation in the African slave trade through to his writing of 'Amazing Grace' and his campaigning against slavery. The second part of the book - picking up the thread in the years following Newton's death - tells the story of the song itself as it has spread and developed over the past 280 years and its recordings by artists from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. This includes the aftermath of September 11th when the hymn became an international anthem of hope and solidarity.

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