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DIY: Jars Necklace

What's needed:
Small jars (I got mine from the works)
Assorted gems (beads, diamante, pearls)
How to:
1: Place the gems in the glass jar and secure the cork in all the way so its tight and the contents wont fall out.
2: place a little hook in the cork, try not to move it about too much or you will destroy the cork.
3: Add a long chain or a leather cord as the necklace.



DIY: Table Upgrade

I have been in my new place for 7 months now and still haven't touched my table which I got from the British Heart Foundation for £20, what attracted me to it was the marble effect on the table top what I plan on doing is giving it life again new paint job and a good clean.
Well it took seconds to clean it but a bit longer spray painting it.

What needed:
Hot soapy water
Wire brush (for cleaning the legs)
Gold spray pain
Protective clothing.

Before pictures.

How to:
1: Do this DIY outside. When it says in a well ventilated area listen to it and don't use the living room!!! (Like I did)
2: Remove the legs of the table and anything else you want painting.
3:  With the hot soapy water and the wire brush clean the table bottom and legs them leave to dry while you have a brew. (If you have time if not dry it with a old towel)
4: When its dry Apply the gold spray paint then leave to dry again.
(Read the instructions on the tin before using the spray paint)
5: While the legs are drying why not give the table top a wash down with the rough side of a sponge and some hot soapy water (I had some stickers stuck to the bottom of mine).
6: When everything is washed and dried screw the legs back on to the table top place in your living room the decorate as you wish.

Safety warning - Wear old clothes, gloves and a face mask when using the spray paint and do this outside.
After pictures.