Jean and Sam's Wedding Vow's Renewal

This is the amazing couple Jean and Sam.

Book Buying Finds

I bought all these for £2 at the local charity shop.
Have you read any?

Cheshire Steam Fair

I took my boyfriend (he might be a bit old to be called that) to a old fashioned steam fair i was expenting a few steam engines but when we got there it was a huge surprise it was massive classic cars, vintage wagons, retired military vehicles, dog show, wheel of death, old fashion traditions being demonstrated it was a great day out and the weather stayed amazing (bonus).
Here's a few pictures of the day.

Book Buying Day

Today's charity shop rummage a bit smaller that usual but i still love them.

PS. I have finished reading The Yellow Wallpaper and it is a very mind crazy book but the ending is funny.

Have you read any?
 i'd love to hear you thoughts, comments, reviews.