Check these new babies out

These came today ain't they just amazing they add 4 inches on my little frame and man are the comfy i feel my feet are very secure in them when i was wearing the around the house (in my Jammie's) i will be wearing these for my gig i have at The Warehouse In Manchester. I am in shoe heaven.
oh and they only cost my £10 from Ebay

Ignore my sock i was just testing the around the house

Perfect pout stays put

Ladies i have found it, the perfect lippy.
I know right i like you have tried loads but non have ever lasted all night, yer i said it all night.
I put it to the test just like every lippy i purchase this one lasted all night, this is how my night went.

Start of the night:
Pepperoni pizza + many cups of tea

In the club:
(Many drinks later) from bottles and plastic cups

End of the night:
A little smooch!

I went to th bath room and still perfect
Its a keeper ladies....

The product: Lip Stain
One end looks like a felt tip pen the other a stick of wax


I got mine in the sale bucket in boots for £1.50. Miracle bargain.
I am going back for more colours maybe a pink or yellow, orange hahahahaha

DIY: Patch up jeans

Today i realised i have 2 hole in the crotch of my fave jeans i just did want to throw them away a decent fitting pair of jeans is hard to come by these days, i couldn't get rid of them so here what i did.

How to:

1: cut out a patch from a other pair of jean you no longer need
2: pin them into place
3: stitch them and you are done.

DIY: mens jeans refashion

Sorry i forgot to take a before picture!

1: measure the length you want the shorts to be cut (mine was just below the knee)
2: Cut but give space for the double hem
3: double hem them and pin the in place
4: sew them up and you are done.

Blog trouble

Something is wrong with my blog people its not really letting me write anything or post anything so please be patience it wont publish anything either.

Is anyone else having trouble like that.
I might think of leaving blogspot behind.

A little update

Well as we all know its summer and festival season and today i have my legs out there very white but it feels good there's a few things that have happened this year,
1: I moved back to Cheshire
2: I have cleared one of my debts (only 3 more to go)
3: I got my legs out (hahahahaha)
4: I have a demo in the making
5: I have got tickets to Cream fields in August
Still to do next weekend i am booking my theory (wish me luck)
One more thing be careful in the sun please enjoy it but drink plenty of water.

Enjoy your summer

New buys

This is what i got from my trip to the Trafford Centre
The clothing i got for my festival Creamfields in August.

What i am reading