Leaving present and Airport's

So today is the my last day we hit the road at midnight and hopefully get to the airport about 3am my flights at 6am and i am totally shitting the airport.

Mr Husband bought me a leaving present a nice new watch and a thermal pair of gloves then i got the whole safety speech, Again.

I have never flew before! And for the first time i am doing it on my own. Scared....

I don't think i am scared of the actual flying bit but more of the airport check's and security bits that you have to go threw, Why, you ask well because i have metal in my body from a accident years ago and i am covered in piercing but there not usual piercings.

When we went to France by ferry i was very nervous i had only had my passport 2 days and i thought they were never going to let me out the country i actually told the man in the box that the picture in the passport is me and i am English i am not illegal and i haven't had my passport very long! I just went in full jabber mode the man must have thought i was crazy i actually leaned over the feller in the drivers seat and hung out the window to talk to the man i was that nervous that's just at the ferry port at Dover what the hell do you think it's gunner be like at the airport?!!!.
Everyone tell's me everything will be ok and i just have to do what they say but i have never been one for security people, I used to get them to chase me in big super stores Just imagien if i get them to chase me around the airport they would never let me on the plane!
And the there's them things in the middle of escalators which you can slide down (i would never advise it coz you get very much shouted at)....... Now you see why i am worrying so much, It's like a playground for grown up's.

Have you had any bad experiences of the Airport's? Tell me you story, i'll tell you mine when i get to post again. Kay x


This project is with my left over fabric from my DIY: Hoody Re - fashion 

It also means the end of my 20 day challenge in all i managed to DIY 18 time's i hope you like what i have made and please go head and try these for your self just post me a link so i can see your amazing creations.

(Tutorial at the bottom)

long rectangle

choose the buttons

sew buttons on 

mark slits the other side

cut the slits

button the corset

making a pattern

sew it on the back

How to:
1: Cut the fabric in to a very long rectangle that fit around you waist snugly.
2: Then choose the buttons and size or shape that suits you when in position sew them on.
3: Measure on the other side where the slits will go remember they have to be in line with the buttons!

Making the pattern:
1: Cut strips from the remaining fabric (i did the same colour but you don't have to) 
2: Weave them together just remember "over and under" then once one line is where you want it sew it with a few small stitches.
3: Keep doing this process till you have the desired length. 
4: Turn the corset over place the pattern directly in the center (i placed mine like a diamond shape but you can do anything) pin in to position.
5: Sew all four corners to secure it in place, perfect your finished!


My fashion Eye - con's

DIY: Black and white Dress

Black and white evening dress
(Tutorial at the bottom)

How to:

1: white tank top I cut it a little shorter under the bust (bought off ebay)
2: my funeral dress (cut from the waist)
3:  sew them together (when you wear it it should sit nicely on the waist area.)
4: In the dress part i have gathered up the fabric and sew'd it so the dress wouldn't be so long, you cant really see in the pictures.
5: Add studs if you want or leave it plain, it's up 2 you.

What Do My Dreams Mean?

Over the past couple of days i have been having lots of weird dreams some nice some not but there are a few that have made me really think about them, question them, ones that i want to talk about.

If anyone knows what dreams mean i could really do with your thoughts on this project.

First dream - I am falling down a really big chimney, at first i am screaming but coz i am falling for so long i stop screaming and just enjoy falling a bit more. Then i land on a wired framed bed. Then i jump and wake up.

Dream 2: I am being chased up a spiral stair case by a witch followed by a dragon then when i get to the top i have a choice to be killed or jump, i choose to jump! When i jump i wake up.

Dream 3: I am a private assassin i work under a very small group of people and we all have our own talents. My talents are demolition and combat/ fighting. I also have a thing for killing people in my dream i love to kill people and i love weapons.
I don't really wake up from this one the dream always starts the same but always ends diffidently but i always die in some way or another.

You all probley think i am crazy for having these kinda dreams where i love to kill people and silly dragons chasing me but i am not crazy and do you have the same dreams? What do they mean? 

DIY: Hoodie Re - fashion

Ok so this is a re - fashion thingy today Mr Husband didn't want on of his hoodys a really big thick white one so i made is into a sort of crop top coz i have felling love with them lately.

How to:
1: Put the jumper on and mark where you want to cut, i measure mine from under the boobs then add a inch that works for me.
2: take it off lay it down the cut.
3: I cut some off the sleeves to make them 3/4 length
4: I also cut off the hood (too tight around the neck)

New buys from Ebay.

Hey guys so lately i have bought a few things off Ebay for my re - fashions very cheap of course. And my amazing boots. All this cost me about £10 but with postage put it up to about £15 so not too bad. Oh and i got some more studz for future projects.

With this i am turning it into a dress i will sew part of a black dress i have from a other project.

This skirt will be part of my Autumn outfit.

My amazing red boots i love so much (LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT)


I have been obsessed with bow ties for a while now i get gelouse when men wear them but you never see woman wear them so i have made my girl collection of the bow ties the first one is orange and black.
(tutorial at the bottom)

what you need:

1: find a piece of fabric that thick enough to hold a steady bow tie
2: Cut the fabric in to a rectangle shape, sew all the edges together leave about a inch un sewed to turn the fabric round.
3: Turn the bow the right way round, sew the remaining gap shut discreetly
4: to secure a bow shape just push the top and the bottom into the middle 
together and sew to secure.
5: if you want to hid the middle get a piece of fabric and sew around the middle also.
6: measure the elastic around your neck so it fits comfortable and not choke you.
 7: sew the elastic on the bow 
8: also sew small button on to the end of the elastic and a slit in the other end
9: check for size - if it fits sew the button on permanently.