Dress me for spain.

(Sorry about the bad photo's)
Ok so heres how its going to go in june i am going to spain for the whole month and i need some inspiring on the clothing frount i now about making clothes but i need a little help with styling myself...Heres what i have decided to take to spian with me tell me what you think and if theres anything i shoud get rid of..! Dress me.

This is my floor length purple dress, strapless!

This is my floor length dress black and white stripes.

This is my 3quater length jeans with my halter neck top.

This is my 2 in 1 jumper/ dress.

Dress with a belt

My fav wedge shoes im taking with me.

My new sequined bag i have never used befor.
If there is anything you might suggest to me please try to be nice any comments would be very helpfull.


King Fisher....My New Tattoo

             This has nothing to do with clothing but i just wanted you all to see my new tattoo... Kay x

My amazing kingfisher :-)

Half an hour after it was done!!!

I bled a bit...!

Chick Boots..!

Hey people these are my new shoes check them out i dont generaly like buying anthing new but the feller brought these home for me and i totaly love them. What do you think??

Its been a while..! Im sorry.

Hey guys i am really sorry i havent blogged anything in a while just had so much on with my grandad dying and then moving i just didnt have time or any creative idears!

But i do promise to blog this week i have a few things that need finishing the photographing the posting hahaha

  • Sailor Suit (my fav)
  • black and green strap skirt
  • black and purple dress
Stay Tuned..... :-) Loves to you all

Kay x

P.S Last words: Im going to spain for the whole of June so there will be a fashion parade with voting for a few weeks were you all can vote on what i am taking to spain with me....YOU get to dress me for spain...!