He Was a Royal Engineer

This story im gunner tell you about now is very personal to me its about my grandad and his younger years.

Quiet recentaly my nanna and grandad's house had sever water damage and it destroyed most of there family photo's. It was very upsetting for my nanna and grandad they lost all there photo's of there own children growing up and everything from when we were all born.
My grandad showed me what had survived out of all the photo's i feel the need to share with you my grandad was and is to this day my amazing hero.
I have taken the survivng photo's and i am personaly restoring what i can and also putting them in a new album he is very proud of his military photo's so im hoping to make him very happy by doing this for him also i am searching to find any information on his military life. He was a Royal Engineer.

I aploagise for the photo's beeing a bit blury but i took them with my mobile camera and keep in mind they have had some water damage plus they are just old.

This my amazing grandad in his younger years

Sturtting his stuff on the beach

Great poser!

Grandad and his guys

Having a well diserved pint

I think the might have been fishing

All things Wool.


Today i was walking round all the charity shops and i noticed how much knitted clothing gets sent to them i think it is a shame my heart goes out to all knitted things.
I'm gunner post a few of my fave knitted things, if you feel the same way i do about knitted everything then let me know but leaving a comment.
Love and Kisses
Kay x
I just love this its got the whole hippi thing going on.



Take a look at how cute this is.

Found this on ebay i sooooooo fell in love with it. PEAS IN A POD = LOVE