Window shopping..with a twist!

                I like to look at people window displays here's a few over the past couple of weeks.

a sweetie shop window display.

a card shop dedicated to mothers

traditional sweetie shop

jewellery shop window

self playing piano trafford center

'Princess pig'

'Stick em up'

my lizard.....

pucker up baby!!!

River island had this i found it amazing

vintage rocking horse
amazing duke box in cash converters....kool!

Having fun getting in to trouble

I was waiting to get my hair cut i had a while to kill so i thought id get myself into trouble heres what happened....I got kicked out of New Look for taking pictures of myself in sunglasses!

I also found a few things i wanted aswell....

I love these bottoms but there £25 (sighs)

I sooo love this bag but its £27 (sighs even more)

This is sooooo meeee i love it gives you the country style £25 New Look

After gettin myself kicked out of New Look and going round all the shops and finding nothing i could afford i finaly got my hair cut check it out.
I have used 'hair colour remover' to get it lighter coz im dying it orange!!!!

This is the dye i'll be using its well orange!!!!! Woooop.....

From the heart to the oven.

This is nothing to do with clothes but i was very proud of my 'Killer Chocolate Cake' i made for my mother for Mothers Day.

The beginning!


The mess....

MORE MESS!!!!......

The end project......3 layers of good old chocolate : - )

and some jammy cookies

Unspeakable life savers!

WAIST CINCHERS...! Life savers....No one will ever admit it but they are...They give us a lal bit of confidence when needed the most weddings, partys, dates, pulling. There not the most comftorable things around but they are good and you can get them for any size which is even better.
I personally will admit i have a waist cincher its black with a embroided rose's on it 'i love it' i also have body shaper knickers...but dont tell the men!

I have this black one sshhh!

This is dead sexy x