DIY: I could not throw it out...So i re-invented it.

First of all i have not posted for while and just wanted to say sorry, i am lazy!!
This is what i have made recently tell me what you think.

I love this jacket so much (£2.50 in the sale) even tho it didn't fit me any more i just couldn't throw it away
so i kept it an i new it would come in handy for something.

I added a few buttons to the collar of the jacket also i cut the sleeve off and replaced it with
more patterned fabric and added a twist on the pocket.

Have a nice day

New Purchase's

I got this belt with swollows on from Top Shop £4.99.
I wasnt gunner get it but my husband insisted.

These are amazing leggin things i got these babies from Matalan £7.50 in the sale i was well chuffed
They have a dark green/black leapord print pattern

These are my new sandles.
I love wearing sandles all year round there just amazing and go with anything.
I got these for there amazing studded style.

make up run down

This is some of the make up i am using.
I am not really a make up person but heres a few bits when the time calls for it.

This is a very bright red lipstick called 'LUMENE' i love it
These are my other essentials mascara waterproof brown got it from france when, Avon blackest black eyeliner stick,
Dream matte mousse foundation 'porcelain' shade

Top Tip: I always carry a lal tin of lip vasaline incase i have forgotten my lippy x


These are my new boots there well sexy!

Spikes are really sexy give's the edgy rock look.

Have the need to share with you...

Ok i'v just had some great news my dog arnold will be in the next 'BIZARRE MAGAZING'
how cool is that i sent them this picture.
I went to make a brew and when i came back my baby arnold had my bizarre magazine i thought it was very cool so i sent the picture to the bizarre team and they sed there going to out him in there magazine.
I felt i needed to share with all you amazing bloggers out there x

Happy Pancake Day

Happy pancake day everyone here's my pancakes and there will be more to come after tea aswell.

Pancake mix - egg, flour, milk
My pancake look well nice
One of the pancakes with chocolate...yum

Another pancake i made with the good old lemon juice and sugar


from left to right - left and right pancakes chocolate middle pancake lemon and sugar
Happy pancake day everyone x

DIY: My Pillow

Ok....i know this is nothing to do with clothing but i was very proud of my creation i made a pillow with a zip.
everyone who reads this is sooo gunner laught at me.
Heres how i did it - I got a old pair of jeans white and blue pair the just cut squares out and sewed the together inside out make it look patchwork style.

I am very porud of this to took me three days to make from 3 pairs of jeans
Also the zip is fro the same pair of blue jeans.

Have a nice day

Traveling designer

England, scotland, wales and northen ireland these are all the places i will be visiting.

These are the place's i will be visiting in England - Stone henge, Isle of white, York. I always wanted to go to these places since i was a young child.

These are the place's i will be visiting in Wales - Newport to see my friend Rachel, Holly head i always wanted to go back there and remember the memories, Aberystwyth visit my dear friend claire at the crematorium.

These are the place's i will be visiting in Scotland - Perth to see my brother i havent seen him in a while, Lockness i wanner see the lockness monster! hahaha no really i have always wanted to go there.

These are the place's i will be visiting in Northern Ireland - Ballycastle, Dungannon, Armagh. I've never been to ireland at all and always wanted to go ill probley see more than just these places.

Whilst on my travels i will be seeing how fashion has influenced people and the good and bad bits.
Plus it will give me the chance to travel aswell. If you want me to visit you and you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland then just give me a message with were you are and ill get back to you.

Happy Traveling : - )