Snail Mail Rules

Hello there the time of year has come again where I open my pen friend List and hopefully add a few new people.
Please read this page very carefully

Here's how we usually get started:
Introduction - If you have agreed to everything that's great, I tell everyone to check me out on Facebook so they know I am who I say I am. If you still want to go ahead add me as a friend, I also have instagram if you want to check that out.
Communication - After all of that if you are still interested then message me and lets get a good form of online communication going.
Exchange - We exchange address and one of us writes first.
In your first letter you will receiver a piece called '10 things about me' please send the same back as I find it gives people a starting point when needing things to talk about.
I like to send postcards, birthday cards, bookmarks, stationary trinkets and puzzles.
I give and like to receive:
 Book recommendations
Here's a few of my basic rules:
I am UK based.
I do snail mail only.
No relationship needed or wanted or offered - FRIENDS ONLY.
Don't lie or be deceptive.
You must accept and respect LGBT
No Under 18's.
I require at least on letter a month to keep the connection going if at anytime you change your mind write to me and let me know.
Facebook - xxkayxx me
Twitter - kayworld1
Instagram - kaysworld1
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