Life List

Build my library
Open my own bookshop
Run a marathon
See a live concert/ band (10/3/17 seven drunken nights)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go paragliding
Master a instrument (piano and violin)
Conquer your biggest fear? (find out what it is first)
Fly first class
Fly in a helicopter
Join the gym (11 August 2016 Intrim Fitness)
Visit New Zealand
Experience a Hogmanay
Get my own place (19/02/2016)
Hold a strangers hand (This broke my heart but I did it)
Learn a new trade (welding)
Watch the Edinburgh tattoo live
Attend a mascaraed ball
Watch live ballet ( Russian Nutcracker)
Go to my first ever Halloween party (31/10/2015 dressed up good)
Go on a date (Good old fashioned diner date)
Climb a mountain (a real mountain)
Milk a cow
Go Lobster fishing
Take flying lessons (Learn to fly)
Go to a opera (all dressed up)
Publish a book
Live on the road
Learn to drive
Save £1,000 (19/02/2016 I signed for my house)
 Direct a film
Heard cows
Work on a farm
Learn to play the piano (still learning due to Christmas I had to take a break)
Give blood (I did this for a while but due to health had to stop)
Watch the northern lights 
Learn to ride a motor bike
Learn Archery
Go shooting
Experience a real earthquake
Learn to Scuba Dive
Watch a live Rugby match
Build a house
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