Today's discussion is about spots!

These thing's are the bane of my life even as a 29 year old woman I still get them and they drive me nuts.
You can tell when my diet is bad because I get loads of spots on my jawline and neck.
I get them on my arms and chest when I have had a sweaty work out.
I got them as a teenager, I was the one who spent probley most of my teens with my face squished to the mirror popping them (tip never pop them)

I got called some horrible names which effected me alot.
I decided to write about it so hopefully other people won't be bullied about having spots and I hope I can help anyone who has problems with spots.

Bum - (people do get spots on their bum) the real reason you get spots on your bum is bad hygiene or your underwear is far too tight.
My Advice to anyone who has problems in that area maybe try some lightweight underwear that's not so tight also maybe buy some femme wash for your tush the pH balance will be just right then, get the right wash for the right area's don't be afraid to ask if you need help.
Femme wash
Man wash

Chin and Neck - Raised Activity ie exercise!!!!... Sweat baby sweat.
There's no real solution to this one (sorry) just was your face before and shower after.
Just remember what you eat shows in your skin when it comes to the face.

More coming soon
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