DIY: Resin (attempt 2)

A Step by step How to with Resin.

1: Get all your moulds and resin kit out and ready.
Also get your decorations in place for when the resin is ready.


2: Remember to wear gloves and protect work surfaces.
Now follow the instructions to the letter/ measurements.

1 measurement of Hardener to 2 measurement's of resin.
Stir the resin thoroughly but gently try not to make any bubbles.

3: Getting it right will be trial and error.
When you think it's ready and you have stirred enough gently pour it over your moulds and decorations, try not to spill it so good judgement is key here.
Please ignore the newspaper. 
My silicone moulds I got off eBay 5 for just under a £5.

4: When you have finished filling your moulds they will need to dry so that takes about 24 hours to 2 days and also you need to cover them so no dust gets to them, here's my makeshift cover.
Old shelf from the fridge and my sugar container I put it on a slant so the air can still get to them but they are safe from debris and dust.

What works for me might not work for you so try many things and enjoy your self. This is my second attempt.

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