You must do what others don’t, to achieve what others won’t 👊

I was doing some calculations lately and realised that I pay £32 month for my gym membership which for me is also lot as I only work part time and when I go to the gym I only use 3 things.

The bike for a 7 minute's warm up
Then I go on the the cross trainer (kinda like a running machine but with handles)

So in Argos they had them 2 things all in one for £89.00 plus £3.95 for delivery. I didn't mind paying it I was not carrying it home!
In 3 months of going to the gym I will have paid for this bike and I can the use it an unlimited number of time's at home listening to my music or reading a book.
I forgot to tell you it's a buy now and pay in 3 months thingy so I got it on my Argos card.

Pro fitness 2 in 1 cross trainer
It even came with some stretching exercises with picture's.

*Always stretch and warm up for 7 minutes, always warm down for 2 minutes at the end. Always have a supply of water with you. If you feeling dizzy or sick stop exercising immediately, I'm no professional but I do listen to the rules.*

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