Well the shit has hit the fan well and truly here
1: I lost my job
2: I can't get any money for a while because I got sacked (they call it getting sanctioned)
3: I might loose my flat.
buuuuuuut other than that everything is peachy keen jelly bean!

Let me explain, it is and was my fault let me just make that clear first.
I stupidly posted something on Facebook about getting shit wages and I named the company I worked for I thought nothing of it but a so called "Friend" screen saved it and sent it to the boss.
When I went in to work I got suspended pending a investigation then a week later I got a letter saying I had been dismissed "Gross Misconduct".
So I am unemployed and up shit creak sinking very quickly.

Also the Universal credit people say I can apply for money but I will not receive any because I will get sanctioned for the first 3 months for getting sacked.
It is a vicious life try to survive in!

If the blog is a bit quiet I am very sorry but a few other things are taking up my time.

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