Rammbling's Of A Young Girl

I am not too sure how to start this post because its just going to be full of a bit of rambling and complaining because every now and the you need to get it off your chest.

So here goes as you all know since leaving my ex husband he has left me with loads of financial debts and I had to get a solicitor in to help me have them all divided so we both had equal amounts to pay each, well I did that and since 2014 I have been paying mine off at about £50 a month and very slowly I have got rid of the recent one being at the end of February view post here
I am very close to clearing another one next month then I will only have one more to go I feel very proud of myself for managing this on my own I never thought I would get there but it goes to show with a little patience and don't let yourself go bat shit crazy you can do this, we all can do this we just need some straight forward thinking put your dream and wants to one for a bit and focus on what needs to be done.
I am for the first time in my life one thousand per cent proud of myself.
I survived.
I know people don't want to hear about debts all the time but I am not afraid of them anymore and others shouldn't be either.

I can confirm that account 207238947 has been paid in full and has a zero balance.
That sentence is like music to my ears.de
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