DIY: Mothers Day Pillow

What's needed:
Needle and thread
assorted fabric
fabric paint
tracing paper
stencil template
plastic lid
How to Stag Template:
1: Get some tracing paper and draw the template in the book.
2: cut out the template very carefully
3: get some blue tack and place the template where you want to paint it.
4: get a disposable lid and a old clean make up sponge place the paint on the lid and dab it a bit the dab it on to the transfer very carefully.
5: Leave to dry for 12 hours then to the instruction on the paint.

How to for the Pillar:
This one is quiet hard so please just follow the instructions in the book.

1: Make sure you sew the pillow together inside out.
2: Place the cushion inside the pillow case before sewing up the final edge.


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