When the back door closes two front doors open.

As you all know i have moved again.....This time i have moved back home to the Lake District, Cumbria.

I wont lie to you i am feeling a bit indifferent about the whole thing i often have thoughts about why i moved and was it the right decision? 
My family are not the closest bunch of people nore are they very loving (only to animals) but they are none the less my family and i do love them for that.

So without further ado i will give you the good news i have successfully applied and got my new one bedroom flat... (doing my happy shake here)

I personally am ecstatic about the whole thing but it don't seem like anybody else is. I would have thought my family would have been more involved even happy but no nothing.

So i just wanted to show you a few pictures of my place and share my good news with my fellow bloggers.

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