Life Decisions 2016

In 2013 i made a post about life decisions i only made 3 points because i didn't want to overwhelm myself (i always do that)

Let me explain how it all went....

1: Cut down on buying things.
How It Went: I did refashion more of my own clothes which was great but i never stopped buying books and shoes.... Need more practice in this.

2: Organizing Debt...
How It Went: This was very successful i phoned every debt person i owed money too explained the situation some where understanding and set up payment plans and some where not so until i got a solicitor involved then they played nice i got a plan for every debt and i pleased to report over the last two years i have cleared 2 of my debts the most recent one to date was paid 29/01/2016. 
To say i am proud is a understatement, i am very proud of myself.

3: Learning to drive...
How It Went: It never happened! I always said i was going to learn to drive and sadly i never did half of the reason was lack of money but the other half was lazy - ness, i am sorry to admit that, must do better.

2016 Life Decisions.

1: Cut back on spending - Refashion, Reuse, Recycle.

2: Learn to drive - This is a must it needs to be done i will put more will power into this. I have the plans i just need to put them into actions.

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