My Birthday Meal

Daddy's girl
My birthday didn't turn out to be quiet as happy as I would have liked firstly the guy I was with decided he didn't want to be with me so he threw me away on the morning of my birthday.
My computer has stopped working and no one knows why, my dog cut his foot and was trailing blood everywhere then pissed on my bed.
This was all by 10.30 am hadn't even had my first brew yet!
My 'friends' told me to take the day off work so I did and no one turned up so I ended up shopping with my mother.
I have to thank my mam and dad they really tried to make the meal nice and it was but I just wasn't in the mood.
Even my new birthday outfit didn't help at all I was all dressed up and feeling like a utter twat, pathetic, embarrassed myself thinking people actually cared about me.
This is going to take a while to get over, I'm not very much of a Christmas person to start with so this didn't help.

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